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  1. SeahorseySauce

    Problems with writing

    Thank you both! I've downloaded the templates and I'm taking your suggestions to heart. I have a bit more to work with now. :)
  2. SeahorseySauce

    Problems with writing

    I'm having trouble allowing myself to write. Like, I have a sort of vague idea of what I want to write about, but it doesn't feel like the ideas have enough gas to get off the ground. The drive is there, but I lack the confidence and can't get it started. D:
  3. SeahorseySauce

    Give a Present to the fur above…

    A book of scratch and sniff stickers.
  4. SeahorseySauce

    Trying to remember a tv show...

    They aren't lemurs, but I was thinking this might possibly be it. It's called "Catscratch."
  5. SeahorseySauce

    Something Happens to the User Above You...

    You're challenged to a dance-off with the devil under the pale moonlight.
  6. SeahorseySauce

    Game: Two-word Story Time!

    loudly evacuated
  7. SeahorseySauce


    It burns when I peeeee!!!!
  8. SeahorseySauce

    Caption this

    "I didn't get stung, my face just looks like this! QUIT STARING!" http://cdn.lifebuzz.com/images/137796/lifebuzz-4ffbbccc35cc8e8dfe6d985ff422bb8e-limit_2000.jpg
  9. SeahorseySauce

    Make Something to Eat for the User Above You

    Good stuff. :9 *leaves a tip*
  10. SeahorseySauce

    But why would you do such a thing?

    Eh, they kept insisting on watching Frozen. Had to get them outta my hair some how! But Santy Clause... Why did you steal our Christmas tree? Why?
  11. SeahorseySauce

    I have found me!

    Awww, she's a cutie! .u.
  12. SeahorseySauce

    Rock, paper, scissors, popsicles, machines, zebras, stuff

    A scaly kaiju flattens Azkaban.
  13. SeahorseySauce

    The 5 Letter Game

    Hungry Unicorns Never Gracefully Ravage S N E W P
  14. SeahorseySauce

    Predict the next poster

    *shrugs* not...yet? I predict someone reptillian.