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  1. Manahasu

    Lookin' for new friends

    Lookin' for new friends
  2. Manahasu

    Do you think furries look better than real animals?

    I find them cuter because they're usually more fantastical in design. Plus, making them more human makes them more relatable! Not that normal animals aren't cute, but they usually don't come in pink lol
  3. Manahasu

    What Do You Play When You're Stressed/Frustrated?

    I mostly lose myself in games like Minecraft, Terraria and Animal crossing. Good immersive games!
  4. Manahasu

    Happy new year! I'm new here!

    I'm sure I'll like it here, people have been so friendly so far! <3 Also, thanks bunches! I'm glad you like it! :D
  5. Manahasu

    Happy new year! I'm new here!

    Will do! Thanks so much! <3
  6. Manahasu

    Happy new year! I'm new here!

    Understood! I wouldn't wanna expose that stuff to people who don't wanna see it. Thanks for the reply! :D
  7. Manahasu

    Still getting used to this

    Still getting used to this
  8. Manahasu

    Happy new year! I'm new here!

    Heya! I'm Manahasu and I'm mostly a digital artist online! I love drawing cute ladies and fanart for the many video games that I play too much. I'm a big fan of Nintendo, (Pokemon and Animal Crossing mainly), but I play a bunch of other stuff too. Beyond that I like cross stitching, cooking, and...