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  1. Ceceil Felias

    Requesting revert to previous notification system

    I know you had to do a rewrite due to changes in the database tables, but I'm afraid there's hardly anything I can say for this current notification system that's positive. The layout is uncomfortable, the potential is no better than the previous one, and there are WAY too many bugs and problems...
  2. Ceceil Felias

    Drakitty on the Bandwagon

    I'll be brief for now, but I may eventually tack on a profile worth mentioning when I'm not lazy. LAZINESS 8D
  3. Ceceil Felias

    Message LED control

    I've just about exhausted all of my resource, and Google's giving me jack as well. I have a motherboard with a header for a Message LED, the kind that apparently blink when incoming calls or faxes or crap are received if you have a modem. I also have a spare LED connection on my case for what...