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  1. Hatiblackwolf

    I'm here.

    I'm here.
  2. Hatiblackwolf

    The furry above you has to go to the vet! Why? (More fun & games)

    You accidentally nom your own tail.
  3. Hatiblackwolf

    I'm away.

    I'm away.
  4. Hatiblackwolf

    New To Art: Where Do I Begin?

    SheilaGrace on DeviantArt You can talk to my friend SheilaGrace on DA. She is an outstanding artist and can give you a few tips. However, she doesn't like to be used so make sure that you say thank you. Also, if you need reference look at Osamu Tezuka and Yoshihiro Tatsumi's art. They are great...
  5. Hatiblackwolf

    Open Chat

    If Paul McCartney Lee and Tina Got together and made Tina pregnant, then I would be the result. Not only that, but I wouldn't know who the dad was, and it would suck if my dad was Rock Lee. XD
  6. Hatiblackwolf

    Open Chat

    Who am I? Why am I here?
  7. Hatiblackwolf

    How fucked up are ya'?

    Disorder | Rating ParanoidPersonality | Low SchizoidPersonality | Low SchizotypalPersonality | Moderate AntisocialPersonality | Moderate BorderlinePersonality | Low HistrionicPersonality | Low NarcissisticPersonality | Low AvoidantPersonality | Low DependentPersonality | Low...
  8. Hatiblackwolf

    Looking for someone to Rp with

    Hey this is Hati here. As the title suggests I am looking for someone to roleplay with. I am willing to roleplay with anyone and roleplay anything as long as they follow the rules: -no sex - no romance My discord username is Hatiblackwolf#8809. Just simply say hi and we'll come up with a time to...
  9. Hatiblackwolf

    Open Chat

    I am 50% Asian. So, whenever someone laughs at my eyes, I laugh at their grades. Wait, one more! How do you know that an Asian man has broken into your house? Because all your homework is done, there is no dirt, and he's slowly backing out of the driveway!
  10. Hatiblackwolf

    If you could be a Dog what kind would you be?

    A wolfdog. I have a thing for wolfdogs and wolves ('cause I am also a therian) and have longed to be one.
  11. Hatiblackwolf

    Open Chat

    Does anyone have any good jokes for me? The 7th graders in math keep begging me for jokes and I am having trouble coming up with some. They like dark and dirty humor. I've tried Dave Chapelle's advice of coming up with the punchline first but it's so damn hard. If you could give me some that...
  12. Hatiblackwolf

    Random Requests Thread

    Sure! I'll see if I can squeeze it in. :)
  13. Hatiblackwolf

    Hati's Gallery

    Hey guys! So I just thought that I would start an art gallery where I will post my art both furry and non-furry related. If you want, you can see my DA account which can be found here: Opheliathwolf on DeviantArt Also @fearlesstiger I have finished your request of your fursona Feraku so I...
  14. Hatiblackwolf

    practice/boredom requests open

    Can you please draw my boy Hiromi? He's a Honshu wolf with brown fur and yellow eyes. the Kanji for his name is optional as well as the gun. It will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Hatiblackwolf

    How is your username pronounced?

    My username is inspired by Norse mythology. In case you don't know Hati was a Jotun (troll) who turned into a black wolf that chased the moon. It is pronouned "Hot-tea". Blackwolf part of my username is pronounced the way it's spelt.
  16. Hatiblackwolf

    Traditional or Digital?

    I am a traditonal artist because it is harder for other artists to steal/copy. Digital art isn't really your art since you're teaching a computer to do it and my hands are very unsteady plus I don't have the tools to do it. Meanwhile, you can make traditional art out of anything which is why I...
  17. Hatiblackwolf

    Free Furry ID Card

    Hey guys! So, I am making free furry ID cards. they are like driver's license cards but better. Here's what they look like: If you really want one all you have to do is to fill out the information above and I'll customize it for you! Just add Your City, State, and Country (if you want) Your...
  18. Hatiblackwolf

    (FREE ART) Show me ur characters

    Can you please draw my boy Hiromi? You don't have to do him in color, but he's a brown Honshu wolf with yellow eyes. Any medium will do. Thanks!