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  1. Ceceil Felias

    "Your account has been hijacked/disabled."

    Furries. Does it really need to be noted? *Lurk mode reactivated*
  2. Ceceil Felias

    what is your fursonality like

    Some facts about me: -I hate it when people tack 'fur' onto everything. THERE ARE PERFECTLY FINE NORMAL WORDS ALREADY, USE THEM. That is all.
  3. Ceceil Felias

    What did you get called at school?

    Nothing. :] Nothing but my first name.
  4. Ceceil Felias

    Message Center

    It is! It shows that furries can't be bothered to cast their opinion. :O Nevermind the fact that FA went live before the message center was properly finished and tested. There are still placeholders in it.
  5. Ceceil Felias

    get more W3C compliant!

    Priorities, Selth. Let's fix what's actually broken right now and save the W3C compliance for Ferrox.
  6. Ceceil Felias

    Requesting revert to previous notification system

    I know you had to do a rewrite due to changes in the database tables, but I'm afraid there's hardly anything I can say for this current notification system that's positive. The layout is uncomfortable, the potential is no better than the previous one, and there are WAY too many bugs and problems...
  7. Ceceil Felias

    Chassi problems

    The ground on the outlet's probably bad. Get an electrician or a friend who knows what they're doing to check.
  8. Ceceil Felias

    A little request for the bi-linguals among you!

    You should just make a sig image with all of these diagonally placed in the background.
  9. Ceceil Felias


    lol furries. Blues kicks ass. Without a doubt. Also, I think nobody's looking because they're all MEGAMAAAAN about it. Oh yeah, Rock Volnutt kicks butt, too.
  10. Ceceil Felias

    LADY AND THE TRAMP vs. AKIRA: Which movie is better?

    No way, you're just a kid! Maybe when you're older.
  11. Ceceil Felias

    Taking Sketch Requests

    http://tf2wiki.net/wiki/Shovel It's technically an entrenching tool, but it's usually just called a shovel anyway, so yeah. :P The difference is one's collapsible and the other isn't. For the wings, though, yeah.
  12. Ceceil Felias

    Taking Sketch Requests

    Psh, go fig. The pictures I wanted to upload are missing from my collection, so I'm screwed until FA's up. :P Oh well, plan B. You know Team Fortress 2, right? Well, if you feel like bothering, what do you think about putting Ceceil (http://www.cleverpun.com/random/priv/ceceil_ref.jpg, ask if...
  13. Ceceil Felias

    Taking Sketch Requests

    I just found the whole 'may-the-most-obsessive-camper-win' strategy a little funny, personally. :P Ironically, I'm tempted to throw a request up since so far I've had nothing but time to, getting at least two posts in already when the only other one was yours and a thank you. Eh, what the...
  14. Ceceil Felias

    Taking Sketch Requests

    Enjoying watching people scramble to get a spot in your little first-come-first-served contests? :P Like rats to the feeder bar...
  15. Ceceil Felias

    Where would your furry live?

    Various inns, hotel rooms, temporary quarters, or if she's shit out of luck, Ceceil just sleeps in her robot's cockpit. :P
  16. Ceceil Felias

    Instances of Furry "fan dumb"?

    That's easy enough, just look at Encyclopedia Dramatica's Furfaggotry portal. Probably mentioned a long time ago, but I'm mentioning it again simply because it's got just that much about that kinda shit and the people doing them.
  17. Ceceil Felias

    Okay, honestly

    Admittedly I got sick of the forums a couple months back and stopped paying attention to them, so I wanted to see what they broke this time and ended up sticking around anyway because the moron population became hilariously sad rather than just sad. I missed you guys, honest! D:
  18. Ceceil Felias

    What does gaming need?

    The platformer genre needs a serious revival, in my opinion.
  19. Ceceil Felias

    List of Anthro Like Games.

    The rocket knight series (Rocket Knight Adventure, both Sparkster games) was all about the anthros, last I checked.
  20. Ceceil Felias

    Fursona Mugshot

    This has become a battle of picturewhoring. And I am simply too lazy to reupload pictures from FA.