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  1. Hatiblackwolf

    Looking for someone to Rp with

    Hey this is Hati here. As the title suggests I am looking for someone to roleplay with. I am willing to roleplay with anyone and roleplay anything as long as they follow the rules: -no sex - no romance My discord username is Hatiblackwolf#8809. Just simply say hi and we'll come up with a time to...
  2. Hatiblackwolf

    Hati's Gallery

    Hey guys! So I just thought that I would start an art gallery where I will post my art both furry and non-furry related. If you want, you can see my DA account which can be found here: Opheliathwolf on DeviantArt Also @fearlesstiger I have finished your request of your fursona Feraku so I...
  3. Hatiblackwolf

    Free Furry ID Card

    Hey guys! So, I am making free furry ID cards. they are like driver's license cards but better. Here's what they look like: If you really want one all you have to do is to fill out the information above and I'll customize it for you! Just add Your City, State, and Country (if you want) Your...
  4. Hatiblackwolf

    Drawing for Drawings!

    Hey guys! So, I'm looking for someone to draw my fursona Hiromi. Hiromi is a Honshu wolf with yellow eyes (like down below). He always carries a Golden Revolver either in his pocket or in his right hand, and his main duty is to terminate robots (like this one). You can add the robot in the...
  5. Hatiblackwolf

    My Fursona

    This is the first draft of my Fursona. Here's more about him: Name:Hiromi Ishida Species:Honshu wolf Sex:Male Height:5'4" Weight:156lbs Eye color:Yellow Fur color:brown Location:Honshu, Japan Personality:calm and reserved, serious and determined. Hiromi carries a gun with him. It is a golden...
  6. Hatiblackwolf

    Hi I'm new here and looking for Comrades!

    Hi there. I'm Hatiblackwolf, but please call me Hati. I am new to the furry culture and at this state, I'm not sure if I am one. I have knowledge of what furries are, and I have come here to learn more about this subculture and to find out more about myself. To begin with, I first joined the...