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  1. Wizzy~

    Critiques open~! ✨

    I am always open for any critiques of any length, tone, etc on any of my artworks. Feel free to leave a critique here in the forums or on DeviantArt, and I will bump this thread whenever I post something new (once a month usually) so you all know about a new artwork to critique. Thanks for...
  2. Wizzy~

    Request: Christmas-Themed Owl Witch | Kunoichi Cat ✨

    Happy Holidays everyone~! School is out for me and now I'm happily celebrating Christmas without having pressure from the 8 classes I took. Why not celebrate with a prompt for Christmas themed artwork of my sonas~? It can be SFW to NSFW. What can you concoct~? Some ideas: - A sona shyly...
  3. Wizzy~

    Other ways to get free art~? ✨

    As I'm in school, I really enjoy letting other artists draw my characters since it's fun and insightful! I'm unaware of any other forums like this that allow artists to post open requests. And other ways like searching Twitter or Reddit for free art postings is a bit tedious for a schoolaholic...
  4. Wizzy~

    Hiring: ($150+) ✨ Avatar, banner, sticker, skin, wallpaper, etc of my titillating owl witch sona~! ✨ (STILL LOOKING!; NSFW & SFW allowed)

    Xin chào! Currently looking for someone to draw a colorful, whimsical, toony, flat-colored, and eye-catching 1:1 ratio avatar or social media banner or 16:9 desktop wallpaper or a smartphone wallpaper of my owl sona. I am happy to pay more than $150 for a very well-done artwork that I can swoon...
  5. Wizzy~

    Request: ✨ Birthday dragon/owl/cat/fox/ghost~! ✨ (SFW & NSFW allowed

    Tomorrow is my "chúc mừng sinh nhật" (happy birthday in Viet) day, and wanted to let the festive artists here know this if they like doing things for fellow furs on their special day~! ^w^ https://www.deviantart.com/wizard-emeraldheart/gallery/80736208/sona-references
  6. Wizzy~

    Request: Wizzy's Character Showcase~ ✨ (SFW & NSFW allowed)

    Xin chao~! ✨ Wizzy here. This is quite a different implementation of a request thread, so I'll explain. I enjoy seeing how artists from unique backgrounds put my characters in their own scenarios (with their own characters if desired), and it helps me a lot as an busy artist and full-time...
  7. Wizzy~

    Request: Who wants to draw a cute lawyer Leafeon~? ⭐

    I've drafted a redesign of my old Pokesona, now a Leafeon Fennekin hybrid ~! They're a soft-spoken university student that hides their naughty and rebellious nature. They have self-cuddling vines growing from their back. Fan art is welcome. Both SFW and NSFW allowed. Feel free to discuss ideas...
  8. Wizzy~

    Your Outfit Ideas~! ⭐

    I'm drawing alternate costumes for my fashionista dragon, owl witch, and kunoichi cat sonas. Open to hearing all of your cool ideas~! https://www.deviantart.com/wizard-emeraldheart/art/Kubu-s-University-Walk-880752949...
  9. Wizzy~

    Request: Who wants to draw Kari The Kat~? ⭐

    I made a new cat fursona, though I only have the front view of them finished. I'll start drawing them more often, and I invite everyone to join in too~! https://www.deviantart.com/wizard-emeraldheart/art/Kari-The-Kat-Fursona-Info-Sheet-884828751 I'm elated to see whatever you come up with, be...
  10. Wizzy~

    Request: Draw my Owl Witch fursona in your art style~ ⭐

    I've finally finished a full body pic of my new owl witch sona, Esme The Owl Witch. I will allow anyone to draw SFW or NSFW works of them, while also giving them the freedom to interpret Esme as any gender they'd like. Excited to see your creations~! And thank you in advance~ ^^...
  11. Wizzy~

    Christmas Gifts for Furries? ⭐

    Yes, early in the year -- but say you have some folks that are furries who you want to buy or make a Christmas gift for. What gifts come to mind?
  12. Wizzy~

    First impressions~? ⭐

    There are often slight variations in my fursona’s appearance between drawings. Even a slight variation in scene composition too can change how you see a character. I wonder what character traits you can derive from my fursona just from this drawing. Feel free to note both positive and negative...
  13. Wizzy~

    Request: Who wants to draw an owl witch?

    Been about six months since I've made a character, and now the shy and mysterious owl wizard joins the coven~! ✨ I don't have a ref sheet at the ready, but I believe their design is simple enough for you to discern the appearance of their back. I'll leave my character here in case anyone is...
  14. Wizzy~

    Request: Drawing expressions for my character!

    Hello again, fellow furs~! ✨ Yesterday I made a request for my character Kubu that simply stated that I was open to receiving any SFW or NSFW art you could imagine for them, but I understand it can be hard to start putting paint on canvas (digital or traditional) without a more specific prompt...
  15. Wizzy~

    Request: An adorable, punkish dragon~! ⭐ (SFW & NSFW allowed )

    I'm very interested in seeing all of the different art styles Kubu can be drawn in, and of course all of the different situations you imagine them in~! A vast majority believe that Kubu is a female, but artistic freedom is yours! Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for...
  16. Wizzy~

    What vibe do you get from my "dragon sona?"

    Outside of "coy, kind, and 'pure'" as described in the ref sheet, I'm wondering if you can infer any other characteristics of my sona just by looking at this sheet ~ Cocky? Soft-spoken? Just overall cute and cuddly? I'll make this very open-ended. Don't be afraid to note negative traits as...
  17. Wizzy~

    What would make my sona cuter?

    I'm all for Kubu looking cute, but I also like to juxtapose their charm with punkish or sinister items (e.g. the spiked collar and shoe spikes). Kubu doesn't wear much and has an overall simple design. I know something can be added or revised! All help much appreciated! ヽ(#◠∀◠)ノ ❤ ⭐~~⭐
  18. Wizzy~

    Ask Me Anything~! ⭐

    Absolutely anything! A little risque? Sure, why not. oωo My "dragonsona" is fresh out of the page, and I need your help to create ✨ lore ✨ for my Q&A! So, ask away, fellas~ ◡ω◡ ~~
  19. Wizzy~

    Xin chào, FurAffinity!

    Greetings! I'm so glad to have joined my second art site. About 2 years into my digital art journey at DeviantArt, I started to get into the fandom by conceptualizing fursonas and, generally speaking, anthropomorphic animal characters. I love the colorful range of possibilities that is brought...