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  1. Voldrak

    (Discord) New Modern esque roleplay with themes of magic, technology, and more.

    So, Me and my friends have been working on a setting for a roleplay, and we've finally finished. If you're interested in joining this, contact me on discord at river58#0922 or join the discord in my signature. If it's not interesting or somethings wrong, please let me know why :P. Here's the info:
  2. Voldrak


    Hi, I'm Voldrak. I'm new to the forum so I just wanted to say hi. I've been a furry for a few years, and recently found out this forum exists. It seems like a nice place. Hoping to meet some cool people here I guess. If anyone wants to talk you can message me for my discord name. Edit: Might as...
  3. Voldrak

    My Fur Discord Server

    I guess people post discord servers here? I'll post mine I guess. It's called Fuzzy Boiz, and we have lots of different channels for different topics. We also have tons of different roles for species, sexuality, and more! Memes are accepted, post them in our #off-topic channel! We've got some...