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  1. The Unwanted One

    I would appreciate help finding bases

    So, I have been searching for a while, and I cannot seem to find any good ram (by ram I mean male sheep) bases to attempt to create a reference sheet. I had found some nice ones, but they were not free. Anyone know of some good ram bases that are free to use, or is willing to draw one for me? I...
  2. The Unwanted One

    Can my fursona be too plain?

    After helping someone out yesterday with their fursona, I thought about the fact that I still didn’t have an official one. I had an idea that I really liked, that being a ram with blond/gold wool, dark gray for the shorter fur (you know, the one they have on their face), and green eyes. I like...
  3. The Unwanted One

    Hello and I hope I’m doing this right

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I don’t really know how this site works, but hey I’m trying. I have been in the furry fandom for quite a while, but never contributed. Today I decided that since I hadn’t made any bad decisions in a while, I would join Fur Affinity (and Fur Affinity Forums). You...