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  1. Chubbiccino

    Request: Was wondering, would anyone like to draw my rat fursona? She's new

    I named her Amethyst She's usually pretty lazy and just eats or sleeps I can add more about her later on
  2. Chubbiccino

    Request: Can someone please draw this OC for me?

    I have a small request if anyone's willing to help me? Can someone draw this character for me please? I've been feeling down as of late and art usually cheers me up. No one has to make me anything but I would appreciate it.
  3. Chubbiccino

    Request: Can someone draw this dino kitty?

    This is a newer character of mine and I would love art of him! He loves dinosaurs, hence the dino hoodie he's got on (it's his favorite hoodie) You can draw him as you like, maybe he could be hugging a dinosaur plushie or something, whatever cute ideas you come up with is perfectly fine! Thanks...
  4. Chubbiccino

    Request: Can someone draw my kitty Michu?

    She is very shy and often hides behind or under objects When she sees someone is sad she'll try to comfort them She will eventually get used to somebody after time, then she'll not hide as much
  5. Chubbiccino

    Art Trade: ~SFW art trades open~

    Feel free to send your fursonas/OCs to this thread, I'll start drawing them once I get a good idea of how I'll draw them for ya as my half ❤ -- These will be posted on my FA page since I do need more examples of my work -- Here's some examples I have so far, I mostly draw cutesy things
  6. Chubbiccino

    Request: Can someone please draw my lovecore themed kitty?

    She's a new character I made so I don't have lots to say about her yet Be creative though, and have fun drawing <3