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  1. AshleyAshes

    Graphics Card Refurbishment

    I thought I'd start this thread because most tech forums are mostly just 'Why my thing broke?' and 'What are your specs?' so why not something new? :) I run a couple Home Theater PCs and I have a 'hand me down' process setup between and my workstation for graphics cards. When my workstation...
  2. AshleyAshes

    90's Arcade Racer!

    Doot doo doo doo, doot doo doo doo, 90's arcaaaaaaaade raaaaacer!!! ...Okay, that doesn't have the same zing as the Daytona USA theme. Anyway! I discovered this totally by accident. As a huge fan of the Sega 90's racers, I have no idea how this was around since 2013 and I only heard about it...
  3. AshleyAshes

    My 'New' PC Console! (SteamBox!)

    'New' as in 'I put it together', it's mostly made from fairly old parts. If previous threads have been indication, TransformerRobot will crap his pants in fear at this thread. So I've chatted in the past about my first box, a sorta monster all-in-one HTPC/STeam Machine. It features an...
  4. AshleyAshes

    Account Problem: Ghost Notifications

    It started as one, but now my FA account is convinced that I have 1 submission notification and 3 journal notifications that have not been nuked. They've all been nuked, there's none to display, and this number is slowly creeping upward. Was is the deal with this?
  5. AshleyAshes

    You probably don't need a six core Intel CPU for gaming

    So Runefox was nice enough to hook me up with a monster i7 4930K. A primo six core Ivy Bridge-E which I've used to rebuild my workstation for doing more computer animation work and such. I'm working on overclocking it and once it reached 4.3ghz, the same speed as the i7 3770K that I'd just...
  6. AshleyAshes

    Happy Holidays! Free Copy Of Civilization 4 To The First Person To Reply

    Here's the deal, in the summer Civ5 DLC came out, and right after was the summer sale where Valve accidently SUPER discounted the DLC when it shouldn't have been. To people like me, who paid full price like the day before, they gave us a free copy of Civ4 because... If I have Civ5 I should...
  7. AshleyAshes

    SteamOS Beta Is Here

    Download: http://repo.steampowered.com/download/ FAQ: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/steamuniverse/discussions/1/648814395741989999/ Firstly, I am really interested in how this'll play out. As consoles have gotten closer to being PCs, Valve is turning a PC into a console. Obviously, Valve...
  8. AshleyAshes

    Intel Six Core Doombox Suggestions!

    So, uhh, in a couple of weeks I will be getting an i7 4930K. That's an Ivy Bridge with six cores at 3.4ghz and I intend to also overclock it to about 4.4 - 4.6ghz. It's being built as a workstation for doing film editing, compositing and the most demanding task: computer animation. As I type...
  9. AshleyAshes

    Why do I need a console? PCs are becoming them!

    I had a little revelation this week while doing the 'pizza and gaming' thing with a friend. PCs are becoming consoles. Rather than the tired 'PC vs Console' discussion, what I'm talking bout here is how the PC is moving into the living room and joining the consoles at the TV. Sure, a computer...
  10. AshleyAshes

    GLBT representations in media

    I'm keen on being a creator of film and television and including GLBT aspects is something I really want to do along with it. So I'm curious what people feel is done right about GLBT stuff in media, done wrong and most importantly; Not done but should be. One thing that annoys me is 'Queer...
  11. AshleyAshes

    The Pinbal Arcade is coming to PC! Simulations of real pinball tables!

    http://www.pinballarcade.com/ Already available on iOS, OSX, Android, PS3/Vita and kinda sorta Xbox 360, the game is finally headed to PC via Steam on November 1st and I'm dying for it. There will be 36 pinball tables up for purchase since there's such a back log, and two more will be released...
  12. AshleyAshes

    ALL OF THE MONITORS! Mwa ha ha!

    I just felt like sharing my film/visual effects setup I have running now. :)
  13. AshleyAshes

    I posted a rare Virtual Boy display kit on eBay

    I don't really expect anyone from here to bid on it, it's apparently rare enough that it should bring in some decent money. I found a concluded eBay auction from 2011 for the same kit, minus AC adaptor, in unknown working order, for $765, so I imagine this should at least be comparable. But...
  14. AshleyAshes

    I need a GPU cooler

    So here's the issue. My desktop has a Radeon HD 6850 in it, which is driving three monitors and is unable to drive the fourth. I could use the Intel iGPU but it doesn't play nice with hardware acceleration in Adobe Creative Cloud. (Translation: Crashes like a mofo). Since I've added a...
  15. AshleyAshes

    My college's internet connection scares me (SpeedTest.net result)

    Great Googly Moogly!!! Is a 0ms ping over the internet even actually POSSIBLE!?
  16. AshleyAshes

    Building An AMD APU Based Home Theater PC

    This forum is usually about people looking for help building computers and or other technical support, but I think it's fun to share the occasional 'construction project' as well. Previously, I built myself a Home Theater PC that runs XBMC ( http://xbmc.org/ ) a free open source home theater...
  17. AshleyAshes

    Indie Canadian Cop Show

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orVWW0BJs-M I had thread going on about this production but combined with lack of interest and the production itself dragging on into oblivion I let it slide. However we're finally done. There is one scene missing, where our would be shooter is picked up...
  18. AshleyAshes

    How To Make A Movie For YouTube (The Chronicle Of My Production)

    Before you ask, yes a mod signed off on this thread. So this is a thread not about movies but about making movies. I’m a Television Broadcasting student at Algonquin College in Ontario, Canada, I’ll be graduating in April and I’ll be moving on to either a more film oriented school that...
  19. AshleyAshes

    Short Logitech K400 Review

    I have an XBMC based Home Theater PC hooked up to my TV and input has always been a tricky issue. In XBMC itself, just an IR remote works fine, but since this machine runs Windows 7 sometimes it needs maintenance and sometimes you just want to run a desktop application on it and then you need a...
  20. AshleyAshes

    Fast Wifi Networking Options

    So in May I should be moving to Toronto, but the condo is less than suitable for using ethernet across the place and my roommate, who owns said two bed, two bath condo, would be less than keen on me drilling holes through the walls to run happy blue cables through the place just because I need...