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  1. Melazzee

    Selling Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13, i7, 256GB

    Hi everyone! I thought it might be worth a try to sell here. I am looking to sell my Mobile Studio Pro 13. For those who don't know, the Mobile Studio is a Cintiq with Windows 10 built into it, so you can take it on the go and use your regular programs. I am selling because the kind of work I...
  2. Melazzee

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Head Sculpts

    Hi everyone! I am offering slots for 3D head/shoulders Zbrush sculpts of your character. They won't be prepped for 3D printing, but they can be prepped later by someone else (last time I 3D printed my own sculpt, it cost too much when I prepped it myself lol). Anyways, without further ado...
  3. Melazzee

    To Deviant Art?

    dA is kind of dying. I've been on there for 12 years, and I find it a tricky site to use now in terms of watchers, and the front page is usually pretty terrifying. If you want quality stuff, you should check out Artstation. That site makes me cry with the awesomeness D:
  4. Melazzee

    Easier to get watchers when I was an abysmal artist D:

    Interesting reading other people's thoughts! Perhaps I just haven't updated my methods for interacting with people on social media. It's all moved on a lot from when I was doing all this before, and it seems like streams and the like are the way to go. I don't have much issue in the computer...
  5. Melazzee

    Easier to get watchers when I was an abysmal artist D:

    You know, I noticed that I used to find it much easier to get followers, but nowadays I find it hard to gain them. On my old account, I did pretty much all fan art, but I was a terrible artist. Now I've improved, I'm developing my own stuff, and I'm putting that out there on a brand new account...
  6. Melazzee

    Comic Series Art Thread!

    I finished the interview strip for anyone interested! :)
  7. Melazzee

    Commissioning first sona ref

    Hey! I can get you something like this done for £50GBP Here's the link to the rest of my gallery so you can see more: oOmelazeeOo's DeviantArt Gallery Thank you! :)
  8. Melazzee

    Kinds of art you HATE.

    I make 3D art (from scratch, not premade assets), but people generally don't care much for 3D, on FA or DA. It's sad!
  9. Melazzee

    Comic Series Art Thread!

    Hey all! I've been hard at work on developing a comic series and I thought people here might like to see what i have so far :) So, the basic story is this: “A canine is torn away from his quiet life to save his kingdom from destruction by two bored Gods.” The world itself is based on Egyptian...
  10. Melazzee

    Bug/Site Problem: Gallery Folder Missing

    I'll hop on here too, same issue on this end! Account Name: RainingCactus Link: http: Userpage of rainingcactus -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Steps You Took: Clicked the link several times, but it takes me to an error page. Tried to email admin like it says, but get my email bounced right back.
  11. Melazzee

    Looking for Full body can pay $25-$35 for quality art.

    I can do this :) Here is a link to my gallery: http://gashu-monsata.deviantart.com/gallery/
  12. Melazzee

    Looking for an artist to do an icon!

    Feel free to check my gallery! My avatar on these forums is an example of my avatars actually haha. http://gashu-monsata.deviantart.com
  13. Melazzee

    +/-$150 Ref Sheet dragon Feral/Anthro

    Ahh thought you'd already picked so I didn't reply haha. Here's my gallery if you still end up looking for someone :) http://gashu-monsata.deviantart.com/gallery/
  14. Melazzee

    Reference sheet for female drow

    Hi! Your example isn't showing up, but I'll post my work anyways :) Here is a link to my gallery: http://gashu-monsata.deviantart.com/gallery/
  15. Melazzee

    OFFERING: Free character sculpts?

    Another! This time, someone from deviantART requested a really interesting looking dragon character :) And gosh, my net is painfully slow uploading these, after 6pm it gets slower than dial-up! Hah! Keep the requests coming guys! The more I have to choose from, the happier I'll be! ^~^
  16. Melazzee

    OFFERING: Free character sculpts?

    Jigsaw for Kitesuna! Had some time today to try some new things... some worked well and some didn't, one of them being the nasty photoshop paintover haha. I'll get better at that ;)
  17. Melazzee

    OFFERING: Free character sculpts?

    That's cool, you have a bit more control of edge flow that way too :D I usually make the whole thing in Zbrush and retopologise, unless it's a hard surface object. Those are hard to do right out of Zbrush.
  18. Melazzee

    OFFERING: Free character sculpts?

    Haha wow, I feel honoured but no, I didn't work on the Last of Us ;P it's part of a larger full-body sculpt of Ellie I've been working on heh. Thanks guys, keep the links coming! I've been getting some interesting ones! Just a heads up, I'll probably be searching for characters with...
  19. Melazzee

    OFFERING: Free character sculpts?

    Hi alll! I'm needing to sculpt more Zbrush characters and such for my portfolio, and I'd like to do some stuff in my free time :) I can't guarantee I will actually get anything done from this, I'm just looking for people who wouldn't mind having their character sculpted when I have the time to...
  20. Melazzee

    Original Villain Pics (Descriptions Included) XD

    Hi thar! I love designing characters :D Here's a link to my paintings: http://yasmin-down.weebly.com/paintings.html And a link to the images from the designing stage of characters I create: http://yasmin-down.weebly.com/development-art.html I can work easily with you (the client) and am happy...