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  1. AdelynBlair


    Cause I haven't seen a thread about it post your Steam URL! Steam Community :: Faylinn Blair
  2. AdelynBlair

    Playstation Remote Play

    I want to set up Remote play from my PS3 to my laptop. More so to record my PS3 games for my gaming Youtube channel. Currently I am streaming my PS4 directly on to Youtube but I have more PS3 games. Has anyone had success with remote play to a laptop? If so, can you still record audio/ webcam?
  3. AdelynBlair

    Favorite YouTuber?

    I really don't know where to post this but I guess this is ok. I find myself switching between Markiplier, Jackspetieye, (Jay) KubzScoutz for gaming videos. Do you watch YouTube and if you do then who are some of your favorite YouTubers/ channels?
  4. AdelynBlair

    The Sims

    This game is addicting! I have to walk away from it sometimes. What is it about The Sims that is so addicting? I have no idea. The last time I played I was playing The Sims 3 with the Supernatural expansion. No matter who I play I always end up killing the NPC characters. Am I a bad person? XD
  5. AdelynBlair

    Telltale Games

    My first taste of a Telltale game was the Game of Thrones series. The timed responses seemed super complicated for me but I always liked the game mechanics. Recently I started play The Wolf Among Us. Love the type of game now. I really wanna play the Walking Dead games they have made. Does...
  6. AdelynBlair


    So I realized I probably shouldn't have posted this so please disregard this. I don't know how to remove the thread.
  7. AdelynBlair

    Howdy, howdy, howdy....I'm Flowey....

    Haha, sorry, I love Undertale a little too much. Hi, my name is Sarah. [I am currently 30 years old and a kesbian. I love playing video games, surfing around the internet, watching anime, sewing, and cosplaying with my girlfriend. If you have any questions for me then feel free to shoot me a...