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  1. PinkWisp

    (Commission) Selling: 5% - 20% Off Sketch and Speedpaints! [$20 - $80]

    Sketch and Speedpaint Sale! 5% - 20% off! DM or email me at wispy.sam+arts@gmail.com. Portfolio | Commission Info | TOS
  2. PinkWisp

    Buffing up my skills! [Closed!]

    I'm looking to develop my art and learn a new style. You get free art! I'll post an example the of style I'm buffing up and you send me characters and the style that you want me to mimic. These are more like prompts and challenges rather than request. Exception if you support my art...
  3. PinkWisp

    (Commission) Selling: Wispy's Commissions [$20 - $80]

    Commissions are OPEN! Paypal only. Hello! New semester meaning school books and art supplies at my wallet. Psychology is kicking my ass right now so I’m starting small with three portraits slots. 1. 2. 3. You can fill out this google form, PM me here, or email me at...
  4. PinkWisp

    Monsters for Sale!

    Update 11/28: Putting these guys on commiss.io! Minotaur is $20 Made these guys for practice and wondering if anyone here would want them! Naga: CLOSED Minotaur now $20: OPEN: Four Armed Minotaur by PinkWisp - Commiss.io Spidertaur now $30: OPEN Spidertaur Adoptable by PinkWisp - Commiss.io...
  5. PinkWisp


    New artist here! I want to start drawing more monsters and creatures, so a friend told me to join furaffinity. I live in Hawaii and like to spend my free time drawing or gaming. I consider myself more of a monster fan than a furry (idk if there's a difference) but I've always admired the artwork.