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  1. Dvalin

    Need some advice/support

    So I've been in the furry fandom for about a year and a half now and during that year I've always wanted to tell my mother and father, however there is an issue. I've never had good confidence in myself for quite a while and because of that I've always had a fear of telling my mother and father...
  2. Dvalin

    Neon in the Streets: Skylines N (SFW)

    A basic roleplay that I'm hosing on RPnow.net, if you want the link to the chat room then send me a pm. You must have an OC at the ready, also when you're in the pm to get the link send me your OC bio so I can look him/her/zir/zim/them over before beginning. That's all for now
  3. Dvalin

    Furry conventions 2017 near me?

    Hello everyone I wanted to ask if there are any furry conventions near me (Barcelona, Spain). I've always wanted to go to one and I think now this year is the time. Thanks!
  4. Dvalin


    Hello again! Okay so I've been thinking of making my first fursona but I can't choose between looking more hawk or more owl so I wanted to know what you guys think. I also don't know what program works best for drawing fursonas so I need help with that too and once io post my fursona (if I ever...
  5. Dvalin

    Hello all!

    Hi, my name is Dvalin I've just recently started being in the furry community, I don't even have a fursuit yet but I've been getting around to it. Okay so basics, I'm 23 I live in a mountain temple in Nikko, Japan. I legally identify as a male Great Horned Owl-Crowned Eagle Hybrid but I prefer...