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  1. Kenric_Finlay

    things you just dont understand

    I don't understand why we can't dump febreeze over my neighbourhood every Tuesday. Seriously every single Tuesday it smells like dog shit for miles. Mr Rodgers would NOT be smiling.
  2. Kenric_Finlay

    Coming Out: The Thread (Continued)

    Would you all make a new thread for this discussion? It's a support thread not a place for agruing! :( Imagine if you had a therapist and came in for an appointment one day and they were yelling at someone over if your problem was really a problem at all.
  3. Kenric_Finlay

    texas wtf?

    Gee, I needed another reason not to go visit the wonderful sack of anger known as Texas? At least everyone's armed in Texas, they can fight back at the bikers. :P
  4. Kenric_Finlay

    Significant Others

    Boyfriend, mate, it's all the same to me. Really what is the point in even worrying what you call your partner?
  5. Kenric_Finlay

    The scaliest b**** has arrived!

    Yup and until the random guy who kinda stole Zeke from us comes forward, I'll be using this pic. ;) Anyway thank you guys for all the replies, I'm enjoying this place a ton
  6. Kenric_Finlay

    The scaliest b**** has arrived!

    I thought it was...ahm ok. O.o Anyway thank yew!
  7. Kenric_Finlay

    The scaliest b**** has arrived!

    Yup. It's not that bad here actually.
  8. Kenric_Finlay

    The scaliest b**** has arrived!

    Hihi everyone, my name is Kenric and I've FINALLY gotten around to making a furaffinity account! I'm gay, 22 years old, and in college. I love sports, mainly NASCAR (Kyle Busch) and football (New Orleans Saints!). Oh and I love EDM music, but that's really common huh? :p Oh! And I love...