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  1. Mikael Grizzly


    70 years ago World War II broke out, when Hitler's Germany and Stalin's USSR attacked Poland, in the opening act of the bloodiest conflict in the history of man. Anyone took a minute to remember it or at least honour the memory of those who died?
  2. Mikael Grizzly

    Hey Nargle

    HERE So, who had puppies (not for dinner, of course)? Who loves puppies? IF you don't love puppies, why are you Hitler?
  3. Mikael Grizzly

    I need a pair of new pants

    http://www.nma-fallout.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=50147 Obsidian to develop a new Fallout game. Some of the original Fallout creators. My god. Bricks hurt when they come out.
  4. Mikael Grizzly

    Yiff in hell, furfags

    Well, maybe not yiff, but trudging through Diablo with my brother (a furry no less) is damn awesome. Anyone else playing this game? And what phattest lewt did you all get? ;)
  5. Mikael Grizzly


    Quick question: how many have played this classic German adventure/RPG hybrid? It's an amazing game in it's scope and philosophy as well the sheer size of the world, portrayed via thousands of in-game text strings. For instance, in the game world, ecologists became eco-terrorists, and capable...
  6. Mikael Grizzly

    The Suffering - Prison is Hell (literally)

    I guess it's a relatively unknown game, seeing how it's a horror tackling one of the darkest elements of western culture, now thankfully abolished in civilized states, but rather than ask for general opinions (though those are welcome), I have a more specific question. What, exactly, is the...
  7. Mikael Grizzly

    Recommended reading

    I'm curious as to what the <s>hive mind</s> community on FA would recommend for reading. I've recently finished Sapkowski's Hussite Trilogy about 15th century religious unrest (with added magic for flavour) and am looking for more books to digest. In return, I recommend the works of Edgar Allan...
  8. Mikael Grizzly

    Um, hello?

    I've never been good at introducing myself, especially not at furry forums, but... let's get it done with already. ;) I'm a Polish guy with an uncanny affinity for anthropomorphized animals (like most of here) who currently studies the dark arts, err, law in order to become the spawn of Sat-- a...