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  1. paxil rose

    Life is Strange is baller shit

    Play it.
  2. paxil rose

    Fatty Unleashes Greatest Gutwrench Powerbomb Ever (aka Best Anti Bullying PSA)

    The real one keeps getting pulled, so here are some epic weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen remixes and the like. Team Fortress Flavored http://vimeo.com/21020148 Casey Swagger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ONFCV9HKRU
  3. paxil rose

    Just something I've been curious about...

    But who the hell actually 'does the research' before becoming a furry. And who thinks that people would be more likely to become furries one they do said 'research'. It's a phrase I've seen used constantly and never paid any attention to it, but it's used so often I'd like to see someone...
  4. paxil rose

    What would you do if you woke up one morning and

    someone else was your fursona?
  5. paxil rose

    Any AmazingAtheist fans here?

    Anyone happen to know anything about AmazingAtheist's feud with Coughlan666 from awhile back? Specifically what led up to this; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExkPS1x05Do
  6. paxil rose

    What would hurt furrydom worse?

    This just popped in my head; say somebody did an honest to God, distributed around the country, seen by hundreds/thousands of people documentary on furries and furrydom. They interview "real furries" and do everything without that dirty "mainstream slant for ratings!". However, as it turns out...
  7. paxil rose

    The Vice Guide to Liberia

    I thought this was hella interesting. http://www.vbs.tv/watch/the-vice-guide-to-travel/the-vice-guide-to-liberia-1-of-8 They do one about North Korea too, but I wasn't as into it as the Liberia episode.
  8. paxil rose

    Paxils Pitchfork Mob!

    Submissions requested for use as glorious propaganda to be spread to praise the name of the benevolent mob. In return you gain free admission into the mob. A damn fine deal if I do say so myself.
  9. paxil rose

    What the hell were the Burned Furs?

    I hear them brought up every so often, and have come to realize nobody really knows anything about these individuals other than "They hated teh yiff and that makes them motherfuckers". I hear contrasting stories from them, from that they didn't want so much porn around, to they actively tried to...
  10. paxil rose

    Do you consider Chris-chan a furry?

    (for the uninitiated) http://cogsdev.110mb.com/cwcki/index.php/Main_Page Do you consider Chris-chan, Honest and Official creator of the zapping electric hedgehog Pokemon Sonichu and Rosechu, a furry? He has a fursona, draws yiff art, and is a dramawhore like you wouldn't believe. From CWCki...
  11. paxil rose

    Paw fetish

    I just found this; http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Pawfur And a thought occurred. Do people with this affinity date others with really really calloused feet and use their imagination, or do they teach Rover a different kind of shake?
  12. paxil rose

    To people that play Second life...

    Not sure if this goes in game discussion or furry discussion, move where appropriate. I'm in the process of getting citations for some things, I need one of you to verify something. Is this the actual symbol all furries in Second Life use to identify themselves with, or just some crappy picture...
  13. paxil rose

    Fursona species as a race

    What's up with that. I've seen people refer to their "wolf pack mentality" and how they prefer the company of people with wolf characters, I've seen dragons be characterized as a species for crazy people, I've heard of "prejudice" against mythical crap like gryphons and every sort of crazy shit...
  14. paxil rose

    What is :V

    Someone told me it's supposed to be like a dog muzzle. I assumed it was a bird beak. Someone else then told me it has no furfag connection at all. Educate me.
  15. paxil rose

    An "affinity towards anthropomorhpic animals" should equate to tolerance because ____

    In a number of different threads I keep seeing people bringing up "I'd never thought I'd see other furries treat people this way", "even in the furry fandom there is hate and intolerance" and numerous variations of it. It's a question I've asked for months one on I've never really gotten an...
  16. paxil rose

    A Unexpected Conundrum

    In my time of mocking the less stable among the furry community, I see a pattern developing by those in an attempt to undermine my opinions. Namely, that I myself am a furry, and apparently quite a yiffy one at that. While I am well aware of the storied history that is the "NO U" argument and...
  17. paxil rose

    Art Contest; $$$ Prize

    I assume this is the right subsection. My website is having an art contest as a sort of recruitment. The theme is "What Happened To The Truck"; forced meme style. The Template; http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/8148/comiccontest.jpg The Requirements; Panel 1 should show what the guard was...
  18. paxil rose

    The Furry State Police

    Let's elaborate on something I've brought up before. What's everyone's opinion on those furries that will make repeated attempts to pull anything and everything that is furry related which doesn't stroke the fandoms dong? Flagbombing any videos that is remotely anti-fandom (intelligent rebuttal...
  19. paxil rose

    Cracked.com lists WikiFur as Wikipedia bastardization; hilarity ensues

    http://www.cracked.com/article_17341_5-terrifying-bastardizations-wikipedia-model.html #4 Someone should go blackops on their asses...