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  1. Tiger Socks

    cards against humanity furry edition

    pyx-2.pretendyoure.xyz: Pretend You're Xyzzy password is furry
  2. Tiger Socks

    Looking for some trades

    These were made on www.dolldivine.com And I grew artwork for the no1 pink wolf when traded you'll get the art as well ^-^ I am looking for anything colourful and anything aquatic
  3. Tiger Socks

    Who else watched Game Of Thrones last night (warning may be spoilers)

    ALL I CAN SAY IS I EFFING KNEW IT I KNEW THE RED WITCH WOULD BE THE ONE AND Bolton deserved that but not from Ramsey :/
  4. Tiger Socks

    Taking some free requests

    I dont know how many I will take lol but I finally got my art tablet to work so I want to practice on it! I have to go to school soon so I will be doing any requests thats here after school this is all I have drawn so far besides some minimalist designs for class
  5. Tiger Socks

    Drew my first thing on my art tablet!

    So I am finally using my art tablet for the first time and the art program I am using is Fire Alpaca I still need practice and if anybody wants I can draw your fursonas This is what I drew its my fursona Tiger socks http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19845489/?nocache=1462123787
  6. Tiger Socks

    Anybody know how to set up a wacom tablet?

    I've had this tablet for a year and when I tried setting it up the pen didnt work.. I am horrible with technology and I'm sure the answer is pretty simple however I'm just a complete dummy XD I really want to start using my art tablet so any help I can get would be great thank you!!!
  7. Tiger Socks

    Animal Crossing

    I've been playing since the game cube version and it's probably my favorite game even more so then pokemon or kingdom hearts. I have played gamecube ac, animal crossing new leaf, animal crossing happy home designer but I never got to play wild world :( Anyways if anybody want's too I'd love to...
  8. Tiger Socks

    Favorite Candy or Sweet thing?

    Thought this would be a fun way to get to know some other fur's since I am very new to the community! You can answer as your fursona or yourself or both! My favorite chocolate bar is Coffee Crisp because I love coffee... and chocolate lol My Fursona's favorite would be sour patch kids because...