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  1. wolfy-jay93

    looking to hire for reference sheet and maybe badge $70

    so yeah looking to have my sona drawn ready to send to the fursuit maker. Already have a template with markings and such, would like to get a badge done but at $70 i think that's a bit of a squeeze but could maybe work something out :)
  2. wolfy-jay93

    4th april londonfurs meet

    ok i ballsed up my last tread asking about this because i got my dates mixed up :( anyone going to london this saturday? jamies bar 1 fleet place
  3. wolfy-jay93

    what you furries drive??

    So me being a massive gearhead curiosity got the better of me :) lets see what you furs drive whether its stock, modified, old or new. stick a pic and let us know about it :) rules: no hating on anyone's ride ill start...
  4. wolfy-jay93

    lefty or righty?

    Well seeing how creative furies are I was wondering if there is a higher percentage of lefties as left handers are usually more creative (not saying that you rightys aren't) I'm a lefty :D
  5. wolfy-jay93

    London furs 6th April

    well you fluffy bunch, who's heading out to James bar in London this saturday?? really hoping to go but little uncertainty due to starting new job but if not ill see you there :D
  6. wolfy-jay93

    so this lil wolfi FINALLY mad a FA account :D

    HEEYYYY GUYS and gals :) My names Jason (or jay) been a furry fan since WAY back in the day 12ish but only recently discovered just how cool the fandom is. and after making a tumblr account iv realised just how much iv been missing. Bit about me: I'm 22 and live in London, I'm a big nerd and...