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  1. DanyWolf

    hi! ^^

    hi! ^^
  2. DanyWolf

    Same ^^

    Same ^^
  3. DanyWolf

    Cool!! ^^

    Cool!! ^^
  4. DanyWolf

    yay! :D

    yay! :D
  5. DanyWolf

    Members by Species

    Username: DanyWolf Species: Mexican Grey Wolf Category: Canine
  6. DanyWolf

    Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread

    MSN: halo_eve_rock@hotmail.com Skype: DanyROCK15 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/danielignacio.oliverfernandez?ref=tn_tnmn And i think, that is all
  7. DanyWolf

    What is your sexual orientation

    I'm a straight furry, :D but i respect the other orientations :)
  8. DanyWolf

    Here a new wolf ^^

    Hi everyone!! well... I'm Dany, a very friendly wolf who likes to meet new friends, draw and play guitar, I hope i can really enjoy being here and make a lot of new friends, so that... i'm not very good with introductions x3 Ohh! also.. here is my FA page ->...