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  1. OTaintedLoveO

    Lady Gaga

    i really don't know what to think of her
  2. OTaintedLoveO

    i'm back

    after a loooong unexpected break, i'm back. catch me up on any newbies i missed or anything that happened. lol :3
  3. OTaintedLoveO

    just curious

    are you guys really what you are in the furry world? or are you the same? or both? EDIT: fyi, the polls are public. if enough requests, i'll try and change it to private
  4. OTaintedLoveO

    Clothing Style

    well, what do you usually wear? better be something good looking ;)
  5. OTaintedLoveO

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    you gonna buy it or not?
  6. OTaintedLoveO

    Comfort Foods

    what is/are your comfort food(s)?
  7. OTaintedLoveO


    how much have you changed since you made your introduction thread on FAF?
  8. OTaintedLoveO


    sorry, this is kinda a newbie question, but on my title, the last word is supposed to be Forum but it comes up as *'s. why?
  9. OTaintedLoveO

    National Day?

    i think it is. what's your opinion on a day of silence?
  10. OTaintedLoveO


    should i get the xbox live? i only play my 360 over the weekends and stuff, so is it a good deal to pay for the monthly fee when i only play a bit? or should i wait until the summer...? :confused:
  11. OTaintedLoveO


    I haz a 360! yay~should i get live or not? i only have modern warfare ONE atm... how much is live and what can i do with it? o.0
  12. OTaintedLoveO


    is it so quiet at FAF today? *curls up into a little fuzzball in the corner* T_T
  13. OTaintedLoveO

    Kinda bored, but...

    ...why is twilight so bad? (the movies and the books)
  14. OTaintedLoveO

    Help me resize!

    how do you resize pictures so it fits as my avatar on here and on FA? like, i just want a certain part of the picture, not the whole thing! it seems like a dumb question, but i don't know how to do it! DX i would appreciate it if someone helps me :(
  15. OTaintedLoveO

    Super Bowl!

    Are you a Saints or Colts fan?
  16. OTaintedLoveO

    Any good movies lately?

    Have you watched any good movies lately? I wanna watch some good movies at the end of this week!
  17. OTaintedLoveO

    Last One This Week

    Tell me forum, who or what makes your happy? :)
  18. OTaintedLoveO

    Look here! :o

    Tell me forum, Darth Maul or Qui-Gon Jinn? Obi-Wan Kenobi or Anakin Skywalker? Darth Vader or The Emperor?
  19. OTaintedLoveO

    Open-Ended Question :P

    Tell meh forum! What's teh scariest thing you've evar, evar, EVAR saw in your life?
  20. OTaintedLoveO

    Hai! I New! <3

    forgot to post this yesterday hehee :P buuuuut.... anyone i like or ish near meh age, i wanna talk toooo! i use meh fur affinity page more than the forum. find meeeeee. same name as this one. ~Elliot