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  1. OTaintedLoveO

    Are human beings animals?

    i think we're not. maybe cuz we were given the ability to actually think and reason. well.... now that i think about it.... >.>
  2. OTaintedLoveO

    Greetings! I'm new here! :)

    welcome! *nuzzles* ^^
  3. OTaintedLoveO

    happy new year!! x3

    happy new year!! x3
  4. OTaintedLoveO

    happy new year youuu xP

    happy new year youuu xP
  5. OTaintedLoveO

    happy new year!! :P

    happy new year!! :P
  6. OTaintedLoveO

    happy new year!! ^^

    happy new year!! ^^
  7. OTaintedLoveO

    How do you make friends?

    i.... dont? xD
  8. OTaintedLoveO

    happy new year!! :]

    happy new year!! :]
  9. OTaintedLoveO

    happy new year!! ^^

    happy new year!! ^^
  10. OTaintedLoveO

    happy new year! ^^

    happy new year! ^^
  11. OTaintedLoveO

    hey happy new year!! :3

    hey happy new year!! :3
  12. OTaintedLoveO

    Omg Finally .___.

    welcome husky! :D
  13. OTaintedLoveO

    What are you doing for Halloween?

    idk i have a few ideas.....? hobo? answering the door with a knife? i wish i had a tail and ears ._. but not the whole fursuit thing. i never liked it.
  14. OTaintedLoveO

    Silly turnoffs

    girls who you look at and say "how did SHE get in this class?!?" guys who take off their shirt before they get in the lockers. i mean, NOBODY'S LOOKING AT YOU!!! and he's usually not hot. i don't mind if he is hot and lifts his shirt a bit above his stomach so his boxers in front are showing ;)
  15. OTaintedLoveO

    Hi! :3

    welcome and enjoy your stay here! *nuzzle* ^^
  16. OTaintedLoveO

    Lady Gaga

    i really don't know what to think of her
  17. OTaintedLoveO

    *waves paw* HIIII

    welcome!! please do enjoy your stay here at FAF. and please, don't feed the trolls. :] p.s. you can click this "Reply With Quote" button so that people know who you're talking to. just some advise cuz i needed a while to figure it out xD welcome again! ^^
  18. OTaintedLoveO

    Do You Cook?

    umm, i'm not so good with that type of art...
  19. OTaintedLoveO

    i'm back

    rofl i post mostly in the forum games DUH!!! XP
  20. OTaintedLoveO

    How many other people here

    lols i just left