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  1. idejtauren

    Bug/Site Problem: Global Select All Not Working

    The Global Select All button does nothing. It does not function. Edit: Just went to check my submissions, and there is no Global Select All button there. Edit 2: Mousing over thumbnails on a users page no longer shows a bigger version of it. What's up, FA?
  2. idejtauren

    Error Message: Search Problem

    When I try to search on FA, I get this Database Error For security reasons, this error will not be shown. Please check the website logs for more information.
  3. idejtauren

    Hiring for World of Warcraft Pic

    I am looking for someone familiar with World of Warcraft for a commission. I am looking for someone to draw a Worgen Druid wearing T14 druid armor without the helmet. (http://www.icy-veins.com/images/transmogrification-druid-pve-tier-14-lfr.jpg) The picture will have a bit of mature content...
  4. idejtauren

    Looking for an Icon

    I'm new here, and as you can likely see, I lack an icon, both here on the forums and Furaffinity proper. I would politely like to request one. I'm a Tauren. :) I don't have a true ref yet, but I can at least show you the armory of my WoW character...