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  1. drymarchon

    Horse headshot - let me know what you think!

    This is actually a sketch of my own mare, Sassy! She has an attitude and I tried to capture that in her expression. Let me know what you think! Would you want me to offer furry/feral commissions like this? Working on a bunch of commissions but I should have February availability slots open...
  2. drymarchon

    Drymarchon's Sketchbook and WIPs!

    Just finished this Lycanroc painting! If you like it, please reblog it on tumblr here. Thank you! <3
  3. drymarchon

    Drymarchon's Sketchbook and WIPs!

    I do! You can find me here.
  4. drymarchon

    Drymarchon's Sketchbook and WIPs!

    I was commissioned by DPTT to draw their stunning characters - check out their gallery! Tons of awesome art there and they were a pleasure to work with. :0
  5. drymarchon

    [Closed] Seeking artist for anthro raven design ($20-30)

    I'd love to take this request! For $35, I could do 2 b/w pieces or 1 HQ colored piece with lineart. Example of the b/w: More examples here! Thanks for looking, and let me know if I can help!
  6. drymarchon

    Looking for Artist to Draw Fursona (Closed)

    Welcome! I'd love to help you with this request. I do a lot of wildlife studies and character design and would love to work closely with you to make your perfect character. Check out my digital examples on deviantart! For this price, I can do a full ref sheet. I'll also throw in a free b/w...
  7. drymarchon

    Drymarchon's Sketchbook and WIPs!

    This was a very special commission of an old man’s beloved dog. The owner is a lifelong quail hunter, so I included bobwhites in an overwintered Indiana hay field. This was a Christmas gift, so I’m excited to finally share it here. Hope you’ve had a great holiday season!
  8. drymarchon

    RIP Carrie Fisher

  9. drymarchon

    Drymarchon's Sketchbook and WIPs!

    Excited to finally get to post this - this was a Christmas gift commission. The recipient has a gorgeous pair of dogs, a Tibetan Mastiff and a cute Lab mix. Thank you!
  10. drymarchon

    Happy holidays, guys!

    Happy holidays, guys!
  11. drymarchon

    Whats your favorite art program?

    I love Photoshop for painting, but definitely go for SAI for linework and anything needing crisp details.
  12. drymarchon

    Commissions + Adoptables - painted & lineart!

    Your work is so lovely!
  13. drymarchon

    Drymarchon's Sketchbook and WIPs!

    A pet portrait done for a Christmas commissioner! I hope everyone is having a good holiday!
  14. drymarchon

    LF some artists for artistic freedom character designs! (up to $30 per)

    This sounds like a super interesting job! I'm an biology major (studying to become an ecologist) with an extensive knowledge of different species and anatomy. Check out my deviantart for more examples! I'd be happy to work with you within your budget :D
  15. drymarchon

    Drymarchon's Sketchbook and WIPs!

    Recently, I've been working on a ton of pet portrait paintings for Christmas. I'll be releasing some awesome fantasy horse adoptables soon as well - super pumped to work on those, their design is gonna be amazing.
  16. drymarchon

    Drymarchon's Sketchbook and WIPs!

    Featured Art: A commission recently done for a commissioner on Furvilla - their delightfully werewolf evil character!
  17. drymarchon

    Drymarchon's Sketchbook and WIPs!

    Welcome! I'm Iris, aka drymarchon! I'm a digital artist and designer as well as a college student. I'll be posting finished works, WIPs, and chatting about art. Stick around and chat! A little about me - I'm studying ecology and have a passion for all animals. I keep and breed exotic...
  18. drymarchon

    Searching for an Artist drawing Humans

    I sent you a PM!
  19. drymarchon

    Christmas Couple

    I'd love to work on this project! Please see my deviantart for examples and PM me if you are interested!
  20. drymarchon

    Newbie with questions

    Welcome! I think you're on the right track with your fursona - the component ideas sound really interesting to design!