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  1. DimskyTheOwl

    How long does it take for you to draw?

    When it comes to a full-drawing, background, shading, highlights, and everything, I can take up to 8-13 hours usually over a week or two. When I'm really motivated maybe just the same day. I spend the most time fixing the sketches in the first few hours. When it comes to simple things, that can...
  2. DimskyTheOwl

    [Serious] What Should "Intersex" Characters Be Called?

    I think unisexual is the closet word I can find. It can apply to actual species.
  3. DimskyTheOwl

    CNN furry coverage...

    Ya'll the conspiracy theorists are after us: Why is CNN normalizing Furries? They found our true goal: to turn into scientificaly modified chimera human/ animal hybrids! CNN is covering our satanic plan to be part of the new 0w0rld order! .....This is real. ohmygod lol.
  4. DimskyTheOwl

    Do furries like/love/respect animals?

    Being around animals except my own generally makes me uncomfotable and anxious, but as much as they weird me out or make me feel gross, I still tolerate their existance & enjoy learning about them & their weirdness (I watch a lot of "animalogic" from youtube & stuff like coyote peterson) I also...
  5. DimskyTheOwl

    What got you In/Back Into the furry fandom?

    Drew mostly cats and dogs as a kid ---> wolfaboo at 11 ---> finds warrior cat fandom and is obsessed, all friends were also into warrior cats, we obsessed over it and drew them all the time ---> fellow warrior cat fangirl mentions something about furries, goes to their first con, but I think...
  6. DimskyTheOwl

    CNN furry coverage...

    Hey, I follow that guy on instagram, it's so cool seeing him on there! ;-; The comments though....
  7. DimskyTheOwl

    Free Art: more free sketches

    Dropbox - wrendne.png c:
  8. DimskyTheOwl

    Free Art: more free sketches

    Dropbox - tigrz2.png Done!
  9. DimskyTheOwl

    Free Art: more free sketches

    Dropbox - thefreemasons.png here ya' go c:
  10. DimskyTheOwl

    Kothorix's video made me stop being a furry.

    Their parents probably never punished their kid when they hurt an animal so they never developed empathy for it's pain. Or maybe they were abused themselves so they use animals as a source of feeling in control. I've read kids who expereince a certain type of abuse will reenact the same abuse on...
  11. DimskyTheOwl

    Kothorix's video made me stop being a furry.

    Yeah no, that's why I deleted my comment because I knew someone was going to come along and take it out of context or spread it around to call me a "defender" I'm not "questioning the morality of zoosadism" I'm questioning to what extent do people consider something zoophilic or pedophilic and...
  12. DimskyTheOwl

    Sony is now banning Visual Novels

    ......If it's coming from that subreddit "kotaku in action" it's more than likely being taken out of context and heavily exggerated.
  13. DimskyTheOwl

    Comic collaboration? Looking for a writer/ I'm offering to do artwork for free

    Anyone interested in doing a short comic collaboration, maybe, perhaps..? I'd be looking for an author/ writer, but we could also still collab on the story. I'd be willing to do all the artwork for free and this would be a good opportunity to get complex with my art and expressiveness. I've...
  14. DimskyTheOwl

    Do you have a crazy crush on a anthro?

    I don't think I've ever crushed on an anthro, atleast not in the same way I get those "stomach butterfly" crushes on people. The closest fictional thing to an anthro I crushed on was neko cat-boy when I was like 14 >_>
  15. DimskyTheOwl

    Kothorix's video made me stop being a furry.

    me -> draws furries sometimes, vaguely interacts with the community, just runs around with an animal pfp, probably like the majority of furries What I am to everyone else -> Pedophile, zoophile, into bestiality, yiff yiff x100, fucks in animal costumes, indoctrinate children by luring them in...
  16. DimskyTheOwl

    Why the recent trend of artists hiding their gender?

    I quite openly stated "if you don't mind me asking" And I got quite a few of open and honest answers without such rude or intmidating implications.
  17. DimskyTheOwl

    Female artists that fetishize homosexuality?

    People could simply have a fetish for it, though... Like unrealisticaly and ridiculously large phalasis that in reality would impale and kill a human being, or things like cervical penetration thats shown a lot on hetero porn.... I'm sure people have some fetish for "raw" penetration (???)