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  1. 1corinto

    bronze artist challenge~

    All info here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4319413/ See my scraps for examples. There's a little over 20 slots left as of this posting, if you want one. :3 Make sure to respond on that journal, not here! Thank you~
  2. 1corinto

    Fourteen characters in one image - anybody up for it?

    Fourteen total, simple designs, colored, maybe with background. They're characters from a children's book series, so I suppose this counts as fan art -- although there isn't a set design for any of the characters. In fact, only one of them is described in anything remotely resembling detail...
  3. 1corinto

    Design our babby~? ;D

    Looking for art of a female catwolfhare hybrid type baby/tot/child. One parent is half cat, half wolf; the other is a black-tailed jackrabbit. We don't have a set design yet, I'm afraid. The genes: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7205479/ (old) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7107577/ So...
  4. 1corinto

    Crit my dragon, please? c:

    I'm having trouble getting this dragon to look more like a dragon and less like... I dunno, a fat pegasus with a snake neck? x3 It's messy, but I don't want to move forward with a bad sketch and this guy's been through a tidy few revisions anatomy-wise. Even something like "teh left eye is...
  5. 1corinto

    Wanna practice couples :v

    *nukes thread* HIYO. I moved all the info to my FA journal so's I wouldn't have to keep coming back here. Will be finishing everything within the month, I'm thinking... note me here or there if you need/want anything!
  6. 1corinto

    Anatomy/dynamic pose crits, if you would~

    Never thought I'd submit anything here, buuut... I seriously want into this furry art stuff. 8D I hope it's not too messy. I'm mostly interested in anatomy (including the anthroness of his face, though I know that's more of a personal style thing) and how dynamic/"pop out" the pose is. The idea...
  7. 1corinto

    Artists willing/able to draw rabbit anthros without visual refs?

    Honestly, I'm tired of hunting down artists the old fashioned way, so here's yet another hiring thread. =] Skip the life-story paragraph below and go straight to the bullets if you like! I have a ton of characters, male and female alike, with vastly different looks and personalities. The...