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  1. Evangellos

    (NSFW) Need Help on Drawing Alternates

    Hey there, thank you for commenting and providing some advice. I wanted to clear up that the examples were the current WIP's. I think the thing that I'm wondering about is that I don't know the correct order of layers in my art so that the loincloth version meshes will with the previous nude...
  2. Evangellos

    (NSFW) Need Help on Drawing Alternates

    Hey there, I'm working on a personal project to improve on anatomy, some storytelling through art, and trying to work on alternates, however, even after 2 years of drawing I have not learned how to do alternates such as a clothed / nude version of the same image in a reliable way. I am a...
  3. Evangellos

    Maintaining Privacy

    Hey there, I have a very specific question that I've been trying to find an answer to for the past year, but to no avail. I appreciate all responses, but if anyone can help me with the question or direct me to a place that I can get an answer, I would be much appreciated. I have a career...
  4. Evangellos

    Hey there !

    I've been appreciating furry / anthro art since 2001 but recently began practicing drawing for about a year now and I am interested in finding out more about the community as well as asking some very specific questions in regards to creating a freelance artist persona. You can check out my...