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    Could I have some links to good pics of Macro sized non nude male furies? I saw a little flash toon called "Vex Hates you", and it inspired me to test out the flexability and limits of what I could do drawing a character at those proportions. Here is a link to the vid for those who would like...
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    Does anyone else like foxes.

    I absolutely adore foxes of all kinds! Sadly though I feel completely unworthy to be a fox. :(
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    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    Well, I am currently unemployed, though after my education is complete I will be perusing a career in game design. I already do character art, and I write story's which all my friends say would make some incredible games or movies.
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    what furry are you ? * points*

    I am a raccoon, and I will have to remember to upload my art for it.