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  1. Chobaryu

    $10 Character Badge Special

    First thread here in the BM, so wish me luck! ^v^ I'll make it short and sweet: I want to go to A-Kon Dallas. Bad. I need money to pay for the tickets. I can CG paint. Here's a no BG. And here's one with a BG. $10 base price for a hips-up. Add $5 for a full-body. Add $2 for a simple...
  2. Chobaryu

    Anthro picture...

    I'm interested! If you're looking for TLK-style artwork, I'm your gal. :3 Feral, anthro, it's all the same to me. Right now I have a special going on. For $10, you can get a pic like this. That is, a lineless CG painting of a character. Drop me a line if you like my stuff!
  3. Chobaryu

    Lookin for some help with character style/design

    Finding a style is a journey. Best way to start is to get your basics all down. Once you understand how things like anatomy, proportions, motion, and expression all work, you can start bending the rules. That's the start of a stylization. Lots of people also borrow traits that they really like...
  4. Chobaryu

    Any Reptiles?

    I'm not one personally, but I love a good reptile. :3 Born in the Year of the Snake, if that makes any difference. xD
  5. Chobaryu

    quick question to furry artists

    1) I draw anthro art because I've just always like to draw animals. x3 Anthro was the next step to drawing people to me. But I continue to draw anthro art because there's just nothing I can't do with them; I feel limited by humans. 2) By a long shot, yes. Despite the great diversity in faces...
  6. Chobaryu

    simple photo manip(embarrasingly) beyond my ken

    I can help you. :3 I normally only draw in Photoshop, but I have experience in photomanips. I turned out quite a few in my Photoshop class. Let me know if you want me to help ya! ^v^
  7. Chobaryu

    Difficulty drawing certain furs?

    I don't really have any great difficulties with any species except what ones I haven't tried. I kind of expected to see more people have trouble with my kind, though. xD *is Avian* Figgered more folks would have trouble with our beaks. I s'pose if I had to pick a species that gives me...
  8. Chobaryu

    Looking for some sort of art mentor

    I'm always available to help a fellow artist. :3 I'd be willing to help you anytime. Mind you, I've got no formal training, myself, but I've been drawing animals for years and feel pretty confident in my knowledge of animals and anthros alike. Enough to be able to help someone else, that is...
  9. Chobaryu

    looking for artist to do profile pic

    I'd be interested. :3 I've never drawn a bear before, but I can draw bigger, bulky critters. All my contact info is in my sig, and the paw under my icon, too. :3 Hope to hear back from you!
  10. Chobaryu

    Free advertising!

    This is an awesome idea! ^v^ I'd love to participate, too. I need to get my name out there. :> Here's my journal about it: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/867949/ I hope this really does take off! ^v^
  11. Chobaryu

    $50 dragon/scaley challenge!

    I'm interested! :3 Dragons were my first mythological love, and I've done just about every dragon species from Easterns to Wyverns. Here's a few samples of my work: Fluffy dragon Eastern-Fursona Commish Sci-fi Dragon Anthro All my contact and commission info is in my signature. If you...
  12. Chobaryu

    how where you introduced to the fandom and what is your story?

    I always liked characters that were animals or could turn into animals (any of the Disney toons, the Animorphs, any cartoon critter, you name it). I liked to pretend I was an animal when we kids played our games. I love drawing them, too; that's never changed. Eventually started drawing anthro...
  13. Chobaryu

    Need a artist >_<

    I can work a style like that; I was influenced by Pokemon and a few other anime/manga and it's never left me. My prices for my best work are within your listed max. My galleries: http://chobaryu.deviantart.com/gallery/#_browse http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/chobaryu/ My commission...
  14. Chobaryu

    Furs by state/province/other II

    Yo! Chobaryu here, I changed states. I was from Kansas. I'm now in Texas, DFW area
  15. Chobaryu

    When did you join the fandom?

    I was drawing anthro back in grade 10. I became aware of the fandom in '06, I think. Joined a Gaia Furry guild in '07, then dropped it because I didn't feel like I belonged. Joined another, smaller one and FA in '08 and '09, respectively.
  16. Chobaryu

    Hair on my fursona

    Hair like human hair on an Avian just looks weird. Just doesn't really mesh on a bird. Personally, I rarely put human hair on my characters, but when I do, it's for a reason and it's never on a pure Avian. With your sketch, his head just looks too smooth, even for feathers. Short feathers can...
  17. Chobaryu

    Any other strange mixed fursonas out there?

    Whoa... then I'm not the only one to mix a big cat, a snake, and a bird, then. O.o I'm an Eagle, Cougar, Python, and Dragon mix as an anthro. Anthro 'Sona My Quad 'sona is an Eagle, Horse, and Dragon mix, which I only have a reference for her species as a picture. x3 Quad 'Sona Except for...
  18. Chobaryu

    Avian suit makers?

    Have you ever seen Morse's suits? I dunno if he makes them or has them made, but that's a guy to look at for some ideas. I think he also credits the people who help out on some of the suits pictured on his site. Unfortunately that's the extent of what little knowledge I've got. I hope other...
  19. Chobaryu

    Changing fursona..

    I'm a multi. Well, pair, anyway. And relatively new, myself. I treat my two fursonas like I treat my OCs, which means they're very special to me and I hate mucking with them too much. Then again, these two that I am are growing up with me; my primary is pretty much me in an anthropomorphic...
  20. Chobaryu

    Furs By Species (Idea Taken Fron Zaaz)

    Multi-hybrid here. x> Anthro: Eagle, Dragon, Cougar, Python chimaera Feral: Horse, Dragon, Eagle alien species :>