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  1. Ali's Art

    (Commission) Selling: Realistic Commission

    hey everyone welcome to my art shop! Im Ali and open for commissions! What I can draw: feral and anthro animals/dino and most fantasy What I cant draw: humans super complex backgrounds extreme nsfw Prices: Icon: 15USD bust: 20USD Half body: 25USD
  2. Ali's Art

    Ali's Art Adoptables

    hey everyone! Im Ali's Art and welcome to my adopt shop My main 2 adopts are spinos and aussie dogs! I will be reusing and adding to this thread when new adopts come out All made and designed by me all prices are negotiable paypal only Golden Spino 15USD
  3. Ali's Art

    HQ Commission and YCH

    hey everyone Im Ali or Alis Art Insta: ali (@alis_art99) • Instagram photos and videos I specialize in HQ feral artwork Prices: headshot: 15USD portrait 20USD half body 25USD fullbody 30USD ref 40USD YCH: pika hoodie 10USD Eevee hoodie 10USD tracer costume 10USD Custom pokemon hoodie 15USD...
  4. Ali's Art

    Animal Portraits

    Hey everyone Im Ali's Art aka Ali. Im new to FA and trying to get some commissions. About my art: I do HQ realistic animal portraits. I can do most animals,reptiles, hybrid species. Just can do humans or humanoids. Rules/Notes: Payment is dues at sketch completion, coloring will not start until...