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  1. Z

    Sparkle dog/paw enamel pins <3

    I havent been on the forums in a bajillion years, but I thought this might be the perfect place to share my kickstarter. It's for LGBT paw print themed pins and I definitely thought this would be a good place to post.
  2. Z

    Pony Trades? :D

    Pony Trades? :D But I can draw your furry! I'd love to do a few simple pony trades :3 I just wanna make a few new friends and yeah :3 This is my pony-sona :D http://d.facdn.net/art/onion-cakes/1379824947.onion-cakes_tumblr_me3bs1z7ha1rm3r76o1_500.png And here's a linky link to my...
  3. Z

    Pokémon ATC trades?

    I've been doing alot of PKMN ATC's lately and from my love of poke'mon cards I have decided to try to collect an ATC of EVERY single pkmn. Obviously I will trade for them though! And you don't have to ask for a pokemon. You can ask for your fursona, persona, fanart or anything you want in...
  4. Z

    WTF? Zack's drawin you again?

    Okay, sorry about not gettin' any of my last threads people done. That was a big...blah. Anyways, do not bring up that thread, let it stay dead. I am wanting to do some art. Like noaw. So I'm giving you until I get out of the shower? At least for one person to post. Now, the wilder the...
  5. Z

    Act fast! Sketch Requests.

    I would like to do some of these again. So. First 10 peopel to show up get a horrible sketch done of one of their provided references. Don't ask for anything complicated. Will be completed tommorow.
  6. Z

    Free sketches: ACT FAST [Really Fast Yo~]

    These won't be coloured, they probably won't look great, but I want soemthing to do now. Please help? Post and I'll see if I can get to you.
  7. Z

    Re-taking Requests XD

    Yo~ Remeber me? I bet not XD Well I'm 're-taking' requests since I dropped off the face of the earth last ime. A] You must have a link ref, or I'll be ripping my hair out. B] Make it your character, I won't anthro-ize soemthing fer you. C] No really yiff-y requests today...dun feel like...
  8. Z

    I take requests~! :o

    And I also love to abuse emotes! I shall like to take requests...especially since my art has been on crack lately ;___; I know I'm extremly new here and no one trusts meh...but I like to give away stuff! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/darkthieflocke/...
  9. Z

    Zomg hai :o

    Yus. Um...I have been on FA for a while.....but never cared to stop into the forums because forums scare me D: My name here is different thouhg...because I love Zack :o So um hai?