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    Your Characters - Unique Style - $10 to $200+

    Types of Projects: Fantasy, Superhero, Film Noir, Historic, Modern & Furry Characters Prices: See image above, but ranges from $10 to $200+ Examples: See images above, www.furaffinity.net/user/jeshields/, www.jeshields.deviantart.com, www.jeshields.com Slots: 10 Contact: +Note, PM...
  2. J

    New Freelancer here... and I am offering free art!

    Hey guys! I am a full time professional freelancer and while I've always been a fan of anthro concepts, I've never joined up here. After speaking with a couple FA members, I decided to head this way. Seems pretty friendly so far! I am looking forward to doing commissions of characters here...
  3. J

    Character Art to Establish Commission Rate Samples

    Hey guys! I am a full time freelance artist and I am brand new to Fur Affinity, although I have always like anthro concepts. I plan on setting up my commissions page but in order to do that the way I would like, I need sample work in a chronological time frame. I want to be able to offer...