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  1. Zan'theros

    Thoughts on My Poetry

    I've made it known before that in my free time, I'm an author. But for a while now, I've been dabbling with some poetry, and I would like to know how I could improve upon my work. Poem is named 'A Dragon's Psalm'. As long as the wilderness stays wild, And the heart and mind are undefiled, Then...
  2. Zan'theros

    Scalesona of the Fiery Wanderer

    Name: Zan'theros, or abbreviated to Zan Sex: male Species: Western dragon Age: mid-twenties in dragon years (have no clue what that means in human years) Orientation: bisexual, though preferring females in a 55/45 split Personality: loyal, merciful, caring, calm Unique Abilities: astral...
  3. Zan'theros

    A warm reptilian greeting! :3

    "Hear ye, hear ye! Zan'theros has arrived!" Before I go any farther, I must confess that I never thought I'd find myself on these forums. But after following a particular FA artist for some time -- a naganess named Sil'thaera (who can be found here...