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  1. Sauvignon

    Do people in your area accept the furry fandom or frown upon it ?

    If there was a regular furry gathering in this area, it would end worse than the black religious gathering did.
  2. Sauvignon

    Do you Ever wake up feeling furry?

    I imagine drugs may help, but I can't recommend any.
  3. Sauvignon

    Fursploitation: Furries: The Movie, Fursona Files, The Honey Cooler, and More

    I can't tell if this is satire, or just ignorance. Either way, it does not deserve the title it was given.
  4. Sauvignon

    Do you Ever wake up feeling furry?

    I have my own house, so I can leave doors open and lounge around naked. Also, cat will rip the door off the hinges if I close it. He must sleep on me.
  5. Sauvignon

    Rate my Anthro Bee?

    Are you into the bee sting fetish thing? Lel. Oh, cute bee chick.
  6. Sauvignon

    Do you Ever wake up feeling furry?

    Poor kitty :(
  7. Sauvignon

    Do you Ever wake up feeling furry?

    If you've ever woken up with a cat on your face...
  8. Sauvignon

    Extreme Furry Fetish sites?

    This is a thread about extreme fetish sites. Why would you mention a site that isn't all porn? If anything, you should be mentioning sites that have all porn, only porn, and then more porn.... Unless YOUR fetish is somehow getting off on sites that don't have porn. Ew...
  9. Sauvignon

    What would you change about your state?

    Revoke all driver licenses until remedial training is completed, at each driver's own expense. Require annual retraining. Special training and licencing required for all trucks, SUVs, and vehicles with engines over 2.0L displacement. Special license and training required before towing any trailer.
  10. Sauvignon

    Extreme Furry Fetish sites?

  11. Sauvignon

    What sports do you guys play?

    Race cars.
  12. Sauvignon

    Extreme Furry Fetish sites?

    This is the new extreme fetish thread. Everyone has one. I like huge tits... on turtles. Yeah, extreme.
  13. Sauvignon

    Extreme Furry Fetish sites?

    Sorry. I hope your horses are happy.
  14. Sauvignon

    Extreme Furry Fetish sites?

    I can appreciate the sentiment, but the logic is flawed. Animals can't give express consent to being screwed anymore than they can to being pet, picked up, bathed, spayed/neutered, or made to wear a ridiculous looking collar.
  15. Sauvignon

    Extreme Furry Fetish sites?

    I don't mind talking about bee stings. I got stung on the back of the neck last week. I was under my back deck, and when I got stung, I jumped up and hit my head on a beam. I was so fucking pissed off.
  16. Sauvignon

    Things you were taught in school but now wish you paid more attention to

    Fuck school. Wasted my life. I wish I could have started working a real job when I was about 12. On the job training, the school of real life, etc.
  17. Sauvignon

    Are you a Shy fur?

    Not shy, don't care what strangers think. But people assume I'm shy because I don't like people, don't like small talk, and hate crowds.
  18. Sauvignon

    What's your favorite thing to put on/in your food?

    Meat. Add more meat. Cook sparingly.
  19. Sauvignon

    Fallout 4 Hype Thread

    I hope I meet system requirements for PC.
  20. Sauvignon

    What levels of maturity in the fandom do you appreciate the most?

    All the way in, or just partially in? How close can a penis be to the butt before you call it off?