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  1. JegoLego

    DevilishlyHandsome49's clone

    soooo... I have two boyfriends?? hehehehehehehe...
  2. JegoLego

    If they only knew...

    Sorry for screwing you over while online ;3
  3. JegoLego

    My Bunny Got a Redesign!

    I might have to color it that way now haha
  4. JegoLego

    My Bunny Got a Redesign!

    Yeah I figured there was something off about the torso, not including Faust's poor taste in windbreakers :P
  5. JegoLego

    My Bunny Got a Redesign!

    It's still very much a WIP, but tell me what you think! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17048508/
  6. JegoLego

    Arkansas man had sex with multiple dogs while running pet rescue

    Ugh it's bad enough that I live in the same state as this person... Btw this is relevant (somewhat) https://youtu.be/0ZqHuvEtKcY
  7. JegoLego

    Zootopia and the fandom.

    The trailer made it pretty clear that this is a furry movie. When it had to describe "anthropomorphic" and ended the trailer with a fur pun, I couldn't decide whether to be really excited or cringe, so I did both
  8. JegoLego

    Strong desire to touch.

    There are some materials I refuse to touch, my hands are usually pretty dry so when I find a material that catches it's an instant "nope" and I'm out!
  9. JegoLego

    Christian Furs

    No one got my movie reference...
  10. JegoLego

    Christian Furs

    "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
  11. JegoLego

    Christian Furs

    The postmodernism is strong with this thread...
  12. JegoLego

    Strong desire to touch.

    ha you're probably right
  13. JegoLego

    socialy awkward is an understatement >.<

    i have a huge issue with making eye contact with anyone, so sometimes when im talking to someone i wont even look at them, which looks really strange at times
  14. JegoLego

    Strong desire to touch.

    when i was little i thought "mince" meant a kind of songbird (i have no fucking clue why) so i thought mince pie was just bird pie... i was weird... anyway, i use to chew on metal things like paperclips and staples a lot
  15. JegoLego

    Christian Furs

    i feel like being raised by a Christian family has been really harmful for me at times, and it's probly one of the reasons i have depression...
  16. JegoLego

    Prostitution in the US.

    *frowns* why do we gotta pick on each other? *sniffs* cant we just get along? i hate seeing people get ganged up on, whether they deserve it or not... I'd be afraid of getting a random boner in public...
  17. JegoLego

    haha im kinda glad i did

    haha im kinda glad i did
  18. JegoLego

    Heheheh... I guess I decided to browse the forums a bit before dozing off... haven't been...

    Heheheh... I guess I decided to browse the forums a bit before dozing off... haven't been active here in a while :P
  19. JegoLego

    Kopa's Sketches

    *tilts head* I wonder... what are the steps you take when drawing? Do you start out with simple geometric shapes and refine them to look like the final image (kinda like this)? I guess what I'm asking is: what do you do before you make your final lines and finish the drawing?
  20. JegoLego

    The Many Faces of Ty! (How'd I do?)

    Ty's getting a new face ;3 WIP