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  1. JegoLego

    My Bunny Got a Redesign!

    It's still very much a WIP, but tell me what you think! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17048508/
  2. JegoLego

    The Many Faces of Ty! (How'd I do?)

    might use this thread to document changes or improvement in my fursona
  3. JegoLego

    looking to do an art trade

    I'm willing to trade drawing a line art of your fursona (just its head). I'm might draw it traditional, but if I feel like it I'll touch it up digitally. I might be willing to trade with multiple people, in return I ask for a drawing of my fursona (just line art is fine, but more than that is...
  4. JegoLego

    I crave your attention, notice me :P

    Listen to this really crappy vocal cover! https://soundcloud.com/jegolego/46-and-2-vocal-cover I don't care if this is in the wrong section of the forum, more people will actually see it here...
  5. JegoLego

    Meet Tycho (or Ty) the Hyena! (How'd I do?)

    I think the feet might be a bit small...
  6. JegoLego

    What was everyone's first thread about? (not including introduction)

    Mine was about Hot Pockets, and it was the most successful thread I've made so far, with around 78 replies. That thread was really helpful to making me feel welcome to the forums, and made some of the people who've been here forever seem less intimidating to me (some of you still are though...
  7. JegoLego

    Vandalized someone's math homework (working on fast sketch-ups)

    Drew this in at least a minute, I'm trying to work on my speed of drawing. What do you think?
  8. JegoLego

    What I don't like about the Sly Cooper games...

    Whatchya lookin' at, Sly? http://imgur.com/a/iBcqq
  9. JegoLego

    h0w d0 femb0y??!?11!/? (How does a male achieve a feminine build?)

    I honestly feel really strange talking about it this way, and I hope it doesn't come off as fetish-y... I use the term "femboy" here loosely, the only crossdressing I'd ever do is wear women's pants or shirts (If I can even find my size). By "femboy" I mean a male with a feminine build, I'm...
  10. JegoLego

    I am currently in love with a certain raccoon... also KH2 probs...

    During Christmas, a shit-load of people sent me Amazon gift-cards. Never used Amazon before, so I created an account and activated the cards. So, as a first-time user of Amazon, what do I do? Bought some easily-attainable-at-local-game-store video games. To be more specific: Kingdom Hearts...
  11. JegoLego

    Foxy the Pirate Fox from FNAF (looking for critique)

    Drawing on left is based (not traced) on an already existing drawing by someone else (will link it later, too lazy right now). The one on the right is more original (messed up while shading it, so you get the non-shaded one).
  12. JegoLego

    Trying to come up with a good color scheme for my fursona

    Posted here is a gallery of schemes I've already come up with (they may or may not be any good, idk). I'm looking for something colorful, but still easy on the eyes (again, i might not have accomplished that here). I'd really appreciate it if I could get some help coming up with color schemes...
  13. JegoLego

    [Serious] What Are Your Weaknesses?

    Like the title suggests, I'd like to keep this a serious thread. I'm giving you guys the benefit of the doubt, and I'm trusting you guys can handle it. *prepares to be proved wrong* Today I attempted to try and formulate my thoughts by writing down a list of my weaknesses. Lately I've been...
  14. JegoLego

    This is what I usually draw. What do you think? (Non-Furry Art)

    Let me just say, I love graph paper... I actually have multiple notebooks filled with years-worth of drawings similar to these. Feel free to refer to these by number, if you like.
  15. JegoLego

    My Fursona (practicing style)

    I'm doing a lot better with snouts, although i'm not very content with the ears. Looking for critique...
  16. JegoLego

    Literally my first anthro drawing

    I had to use a tutorial for the ears. lol i have no idea what kind of style i was going for with the eyes, i just sort of went with it.
  17. JegoLego

    Challenging Request for a Bipedal Angha/Simurgh

    For those who don't know what an Angha or a Simurgh is, it's a mythical creature (from Persia, I think) that is a wolf-peacock-eagle hybrid. I was hoping if someone could please draw an anthro version of this creature, I'd be so happy! Thank you for your time! Here's my main reference picture...
  18. JegoLego

    Traced a cat. k bye

    I'm actually more proud of the table than the cat...
  19. JegoLego

    Finding weird stuff in the woods behind my school

    A bit of background: My school was built on what was originally farm land. However, the woods where I found these items are, in fact, woods. There is a trail behind the school, but these items were found not too far off the trail. Every once in a while I like to walk this trail after school...
  20. JegoLego

    What's up with the automatic title given to users? I really don't understand...

    So, recently the title above my avatar changed from "Alpha Wolf" or something to "Bow Chika Bow Wow." What the crap does this mean? I know these titles aren't random (or are they?), so how am i affecting what kind of title i'm given? Does it just reflect on how long I've been on FAF and how...