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  1. Kyoujin

    DayZ Players Needed!

    We still need more players! :( So please, go check that journal if you play at all! Also, we plan to record and make a Youtube mini-series out of these for fun. So, it's also a plus if you can record while you play but that's completely optional. Not going to bump the thread again after this...
  2. Kyoujin

    Videogame Fan Music

    I have a music project on Youtube, menwithmachineguns, that does nothing but video game covers/remixes. Some of the games include the Earthbound/Mother series, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Doctor Who and plenty more to come (with 2 FREE albums coming out at the end of this year, though I badly need to...
  3. Kyoujin

    DayZ Players Needed!

    Hey everyone! Been a long time since I posted on the forums.. but anyway! (Oh, quick mention on this. This is on a Private Hive, so if you play on regular DayZ servers, don't worry! You won't lose any of your stuff on official servers, and we will supply plenty of gear for clan members!)...
  4. Kyoujin

    So, Halo Reach Beta ?

    If you got a code, then it's definitely worth a try. ;] It's refreshing.. though I'm more hyped up for the single player, I think. Multiplayer has been fun, but it definitely gets frustrating sometimes. x-x
  5. Kyoujin

    So, Halo Reach Beta ?

    Yeah, the grenade launcher probably should be nerfed a bit. It doesn't have too much splash damage though, nor does the rocket launcher.. so that's good at least, but regular grenades seem to be a lot more powerful in this game.. o.O lol.. When I got on I wondered how there were so many...
  6. Kyoujin

    Need a new MMO.... again *sigh*

    Anarchy Online was my first MMO, still one of my favorites though I haven't played it in forever. Only "MMO" I play now is Dead Frontier, which is free and mostly single player oriented. However, it definitely doesn't seem like it'd be up your alley though.
  7. Kyoujin

    So, Halo Reach Beta ?

    It depends on what you're expecting. I got an early pass to the Beta, and I've been pretty impressed with it so far. Halo 2 always irritated me because of the multiplayer, mostly because of the glitchers (mostly the triple shotters, etc). Halo 3 was unbalanced, and for the most part.. if you...
  8. Kyoujin

    So, Halo Reach Beta ?

    I've been playing it all tonight.. honestly, it's a lot different from the rest of the series. A lot more improved, too (though the grenade launcher is kinda iffy and seems too easy to use). But it's fun as hell. <3 ;D I really got bored of Halo 3.. and this is a much needed improvement.
  9. Kyoujin

    Any widely used MW2 furry clan tag?

    Just don't use YIFF.. >> Ugh. lol. I'm just happy I got a spotted hyena Emblem for a challenge I did. ;B
  10. Kyoujin

    Xbox 360 gets USB Storage

    Yep, it's pretty awesome! I actually got to test it for awhile while it was in development.. surprised it's finally out. o.o Glad they released it though.. they've needed something like this for a looong time. And the memory cards haven't really been helping much besides holding profiles and a...
  11. Kyoujin

    Best Survival horror games??

    Resident Evil 1-3.. not the new crap. Never got to play System Shock 2.. ;[ Always wanted to though, hoping someday it'll come to Steam or something.
  12. Kyoujin

    The Passing (L4D DLC)

    Re: The Passing I would rather they kill off a L4D2 character. I didn't get into L4D2 like I did L4D1.. and I really enjoyed all the characters from the first game. My best guess would be Francis or Bill.. maybe Zoey, but I doubt it'd be her or Louis.
  13. Kyoujin

    Your 'One More Go' game

    Earthbound for the SNES and several Final Fantasy games (mostly 6, 7 and 8) I've played multiple times.. would go back and play them again sometime, too. I started playing X-Com: UFO Defense again as well, which is pretty old, too. xD
  14. Kyoujin

    Who would make a good admin?

    http://www.furaffinity.net/staff/ Most mainsite admins are listed there, but I believe it needs to be updated cause there's a few other new admins not on the list. I have to admit the colors of usernames here on the forums still confuse me, but blue generally means admin and green peeps...
  15. Kyoujin

    Mega Man 10 Out Now

    I'd be interested in playing it.. but I still haven't beat 9. I wonder how the hell I kicked so much butt at the old Megaman games when I was a kid, but now I can't even get to a boss. >(
  16. Kyoujin

    Who would make a good admin?

    Hmm.. I could use a secretary. ;DD .. ;DDD No? Okay. ._. But yeah, in all seriousness.. if you really want to be an administrator, you'd probably want/need to start off in the forums. It also helps if you've helped out in the community before applying as well. ;o SO GO BE NICE AND GIVE PEOPLE...
  17. Kyoujin

    Fairly short fursuiter question

    lol, ironically I always wondered about this myself. xD I'm 5'3", though I guess if I got a hyena suit it'd work out. But yeah, good luck with it! I agree with the spotter idea.. I know I'd have someone with me while I was out in public. ;B Would be embarrassing to trip over something and have...
  18. Kyoujin

    What automobile do you own?

    1990 Nissan 300ZX. Loved it, nice 'n speedy too. <3
  19. Kyoujin

    Halo: Reach alpha gameplay

    Public beta comes out in May. ;] Right now it's in alpha for select companies only. ;o
  20. Kyoujin

    Mod Interaction Policy

    First off, the admin/mod you mentioned was really the only person to my knowledge who has taken it to the extremes, and thankfully they are no longer on the team. Otherwise, most "horror" stories are generally people over-exaggerating or making things up when we remove something that violates...