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  1. Avlenna


    I'm not sure how many of you know this, but I am in some dire need of help. I am in need of over $800 ($816.88 to be exact) really fast, but I can't figure out any ways to earn it. I need help of any sort; commissions, fund raising, advertising, etc. If anyone can lend me some aid as to what...
  2. Avlenna

    Selling Some Old Characters-$5 each

    Hello all! I was going through my list of characters I have made in the past and realized that I don't need many of them. I am selling them for $5 each. Here are the links to the characters: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13796751/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13796713/...
  3. Avlenna

    Dino-Dragons--Ideas and Thoughts

    Hello all! In between commissions and such, I would like to try something. I have decided that I would like to make some drawings of dragons, but I would like to model these dragons after dinosaurs (skeletons, artist renderings, etc.). Basically, I will be taking a dinosaur and giving it...
  4. Avlenna

    Requesting Critique on Equine Character

    Hello! I have recently drawn an equine character and would love some feedback and a critique please. This is my first equine, so I would love to know what I am doing right and what is wrong. Feel free to red line this image to show me what to fix. Thanks! :D...
  5. Avlenna

    Lycanthropy vs. Anthropomorphism--What changes?

    Hello all! I haven't posted in a while, but I had something come to mind recently, so I figured I would get various opinions on this. What is the visual difference between a lycanthrope (i.e. werewolf, werefox, etc.) and an anthropomorphic character? What do you all prefer to see in the two...
  6. Avlenna

    Looking for Critique Before I Ink It

    Hello all! I have one image that I would love to have some feedback on before I ink and color it. The image is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13064457/ I want to know if there is anything that could be improved or tweeked. I would love you all 5 ever. Thanks!
  7. Avlenna

    How do I make a shaped tail?

    If this is in the wrong place please move it. I didn't see a thread that said anything about this, so I will ask. How do I make a shaped tail? I'm looking for a tail that has more of a J-shape to it rather than an S-shape. I'm basically looking for what I need to do to make it shaped. Do I...
  8. Avlenna

    Need a Critique on This Image (slightly NSFW)

    Hey all! I have been working a lot with charcoal lately, so I decided to do a drawing of my fursona in charcoal. I picked an angle that I don't really do often, so I'm wondering what I can do to improve upon this in the future. Here is the image: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12279238/...
  9. Avlenna

    Dragons--Cold or Warm Blooded?

    I know what many people think about this subject, but I want some other opinions. I know that in lore, dragons are considered reptilian creatures, but there are many things that I have realized about them that would not make sense for a reptile to have. Many dragons that I have seen have wings...
  10. Avlenna

    My Art

    Here is my artwork. The most recent art starts at the gryphon sketch to the newest images. I posted the "Wolf Eye" to "Calden Mature" today. Comments and critiques are welcomed on any of these. Thanks! :) http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/redsilverfox13/
  11. Avlenna

    Fursona #3

    So I realized that I have a bit of a problem (maybe?). I come up with an idea for a character that's just meant to be there for fun, but then I end up turning it into another fursona. Either way, this is my third fursona (who I may make into a fursuit instead of the kitsune). Enjoy! Name...
  12. Avlenna

    Question about attaching 9 tails to a belt. Please help

    Hello once again. So I am making all 9 tails for my kitsune fursona, but I am unsure as to how to connect her tails to loops for a belt. They will be made out of yarn. Should I make them into a fan shape? Should I put 4 on top and 5 on the bottom? How should I attach them together (use...
  13. Avlenna

    Howe to make a Horse Tail? HELP!

    Hello everyone! I am looking to make a horse tail for a character that I am playing for LARP (Live Action Role Play). I cannot seem to find any tutorials on how to make a horse tail at all. Can anyone help me? I am on a strict college student budget, so it will need to be rather simple (but...
  14. Avlenna

    Fursona #2

    I decided to make an alternate fursona in more of a fantasy style just for fun. This fursona will only be referred to in drawings that I (or others, if they choose) post on FA. She is quite the character. Enjoy! Name: Kathratri Species: Kitsune Gender: Female Color: Fur=Solid white during...
  15. Avlenna

    Making Free Art-9 Spots Available

    Hello everyone! I am currently on Spring Break for this week and would LOVE to make free art for anyone who is interested. I currently have 9 spots available. I will NOT make NSFW drawings-period. I will make anthro and feral and it can be colored or black and white. References sheets and...
  16. Avlenna

    Would Love Some Feedback

    Hello! I've posted some art on FA for a while now, and I have decided I would like some more critiques, comments, and advice on my work from more than the same 4 (ish) people. Here is my user page: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/redsilverfox13/ One picture in particular needs a critique and...
  17. Avlenna

    Question on Drawing a Cartoon in Real Life

    I am going to try drawing the ponies from MLP: FIM in realism, but I am unsure of how to do this. I know I should draw from a real life animal and essentially "ponify" it, but there are some other things I'm unsure of. What type of horse/pony should I use? How should I convert the hooves...
  18. Avlenna


    I've been meaning to post this on here for a long while. Anyway, here it goes: Name: Silvaris Species: Fox Sex: Female Age: 21 Location: USA Appearance: (Human)- about 5'1; long, dark hair with red underneath; green/hazel eyes; average/slightly athletic build; 2 tattoos-one on left kidney...
  19. Avlenna

    Holiday Oops and Funny Moments

    Hello everyone! In the spirit of the holidays, I was wondering what all everyone has done that has been a "less-than-proud" moment of the holidays. This goes for ANYTHING that has been an "oops", funny, or just ridiculously crazy during the holiday season. I'll start: While wrapping presents...
  20. Avlenna

    Yarn Tails: How to make the process easier?

    Hello everyone! I'm currently in the process of making a fox tail out of yarn. I read some tutorials about how to do it, but I'm curious if anyone that has made one has found any way to make the process go a bit quicker or even make it easier. I may have found some things that help make it...