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  1. Kyoujin

    DayZ Players Needed!

    Hey everyone! Been a long time since I posted on the forums.. but anyway! (Oh, quick mention on this. This is on a Private Hive, so if you play on regular DayZ servers, don't worry! You won't lose any of your stuff on official servers, and we will supply plenty of gear for clan members!)...
  2. Kyoujin


    So who else likes to have fun with the Xbox 360 Gamerscore? I think it adds great replay value for a lot of games. And it just is something that I think was a great idea.. ;o I certainly hope more systems do this in the future. ;x I've got 18,777 gamerscore at the moment, though my offline...
  3. Kyoujin

    The US Army's Iron Man!

    http://news.aol.com/story/_a/robotic-suit-could-create-super-soldier/20080515145709990002?icid=1616058736x1202437625x1200305619 I have to admit, this is pretty exciting. ;o BUT WHAR ARE THE HOVER CARS? I MEAN C'MON. ;[ Would suck if that thing tips over, though. ;[
  4. Kyoujin

    Speed Racer.

    So.. I have to admit, when I heard about this I thought "wow, dumb." But, after seeing the trailer.. I really am going to have to go see it once it comes out. ;o Just all the colors and stuff is just really fun to look at. xD I wasn't really into the cartoon either.. but yeah, still looks like...
  5. Kyoujin

    Devil May Cry 4! (No Spoilers!)

    Soo, how does everyone feel about DMC4? ;] I've been playing it for the past few hours, and I really think it's awesome. Heck, my jaw must have dropped nine times during the opening scene! XD And no spoilers, please! For the sake of myself and others. ;] One thing I don't like is I never have...
  6. Kyoujin

    How to shade in photoshop?

    Ugh, so I've been trying to teach myself how to shade in Photoshop Elements, but I haven't really developed a style I like. Any suggestions or tutorials? ;[ Thanks!
  7. Kyoujin

    Halo 3 vs Half-Life 2

    I had to make this thread, especially since a friend and I really debated on this earlier tonight. ;b So which do you like better? Now, I'm a huge Halo fan.. even though Halo really rips off the book Ringworld (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ringworld). I really got into the Halo...