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  1. kobuzero

    Why so little yuri furry art?

    Hello fellow furs! I was just wondering why it's so impossible to find good yuri art in the furry fandom? Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places? Also, I don't mean dirty art, I would very much like some clean yuri art, but it just seems very hard to find. If any of you have any...
  2. kobuzero

    Settings/Prompts For A Sex Scene

    Hey guys, So I'm here to ask my fellow furries for some help with writing a particular story. It was a request from a friend of mine to write her some smut, just for fun and practice. However I am drawing a complete blank for a scenario or way to start it. Does anyone have any suggestions or...
  3. kobuzero

    Your views on fan fiction

    Hey there guys. I was wondering what your views on fan fiction are? Do you find it nerdy? Good practice? I ask because I myself and working on my first ever fan fiction, and I want to show it to my friends, but I'm a little bit scared of being made fun of for it.
  4. kobuzero

    Having trouble with some feelings.

    So I am a lesbian, and I have got out of a two year relationship with my ex about a year ago. Soon after I was with a new woman, who I love dearly, and I really don't want to hurt her or anything and I really want to be with her. But I'm struggling with recurring feelings for my ex. I have cut...
  5. kobuzero

    Fan Fiction?

    So I have always loved fan fiction. A lot of the time I find it more fun than the actual thing it came from, just because of the different ways and aspects that things can happen. Does anyone here write fan fiction? If so, what do you write? Feel free to post links I love reading new stuff :)
  6. kobuzero

    Free Art For You :D

    Hey guys, I'd like to get my art out there so I can possibly start taking commissions. So I'm offering free art for anyone who'd like it. Digital or Traditional doesn't really matter. If you'd like to see my art look here: http://kobuzero.webs.com/ That is my personal website. Please let me...
  7. kobuzero

    Anyone remember Furcadia?

    Just like the title says. Do any of you remember Furcadia? If you do then do you still use it? For those who don't know what Furcadia is, you can check it out here: http://www.furcadia.com/
  8. kobuzero

    Code Name Sailor V

    If you are an anime fan, and a fan of Sailor Moon, you know who Sailor V is. If you don't Sailor V was the predesesor to Sailor Moon. One masked Sailor out to save the world. What I want to know is was there ever an anime of it? If so, then where might I find this anime?
  9. kobuzero

    3D Modeling

    Hey guys, I've been wondering about 3d modeling. I've been looking to play around with it. So what would be a good program to start out with?
  10. kobuzero


    So, I'm a bit curious about how all of that works. I know some nice money can be had, and I would like to try my hand at taking some. Do people just like your art and want to buy it? I'm sorry all this sounds kinda dumb but I really don't know that much about all of it. I'm a good artist and I...
  11. kobuzero

    OMG Turn it up NAOW!! :O

    Everyone has that song, or band that you can't help but turn up the speakers when you hear them. Mine are Deadmau5, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Within Temptation. What are some of yours?
  12. kobuzero

    Why are furries exempt from the typical ewww reactions?

    The title doesn't make sense I know. But what I want to know is for example, a pedophile, looking at kiddy porn is automatically thrown in jail. Why is this so accepted in the Furry Fandom? Any and all fetishes that are generally kept hush hush, are completely open, and often loved by everyone...
  13. kobuzero

    Any good places for roleplaying?

    Hey guys, I've always been an avid role player, but I have kind of fallen out of the loop. I have my own RP forum, but its more or less dead. So I'm looking for some good websites to role play with people. So if I could get some recomendations that'd be awesome.
  14. kobuzero

    Any good anime out there these days?

    Hey guys, I thought I'd start up an anime thread, although I'm sure there's pleanty of them. I just finished watching Angel Beats not that long ago, and I've watched just about all the popular ones and some of the more obscure anime out there. I'm looking for something new, so hit me with your...
  15. kobuzero

    Are Sergals Copyrighted?

    Pretty much the question in the thread title. I was wondering if Sergals where a copyrighted creature. I know that there is an original creator. I was just wondering this for my own curiousity.
  16. kobuzero

    New Fan Music Video - Please let me know your thoughts :)

    Hey there guys, I have been making fan videos of animated movies and japanese anime for about 4 years now. I really like this community, and being as youtube is such a huge community its difficult to get good feedback on my work. So I ask you, my peers to please have a look at my latest work...
  17. kobuzero

    Video Editors?

    Hey guys, I have been wanting to share my fan videos with my fellows furs for some time now. I just don't know if there is a place for that stuff here on the forums. Not all of them are furry related, but I'd still like to know the opinions of my peers none the less. Could someone please point...
  18. kobuzero

    Have a Gothic Christmas!!

    Just had to share this. My favorite christmas song ever! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPGf12quies
  19. kobuzero

    Finally Meeting Your Long Distance Partner

    So, coming this January, I'll be going to visit my girlfriend, who I have been in a Long Distance relationship with for a while now. Any tips? Tricks? Or ideas for activities, (other than sex, thats a given.) that we could do? Also, how might I go about the separation from her when I leave?
  20. kobuzero

    Tips for Writing a Graphic Novel

    I know that writing a graphic novel is part drawing skill, and part writing skill. I'm not the best writer honestly, I'm just not that great with words, however, I have some stories that I feel need to told. I eventualy asipire to be a film maker, but I would like to try out my stories as...