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  1. McStuffy

    (Commission) Selling: $30 Traditional Art Commissions

    Hey, so I'm kinda new to the whole commission game and I thought I might as well get some practice in and get experience with this sort of thing. I currently only have two slots open for full colored traditional commissions at $30 a piece. I'm willing to draw most things you throw at me except...
  2. McStuffy

    Favorite Spider-Man Villains

    So, I've been obsessing over everyone's favorite Web Head (assuming you actually like him) more than what I have done in years. With that being said , I want more people to talk to about our Friendly Neighborhood Wall Crawler, and what better way to do so than talk about the people who make...
  3. McStuffy

    Favorite Nintendo games

    So guys like, what is your favorite Nintendo game/franchise?
  4. McStuffy


    Hey, I'm pretty new here. I haven't talked to any other furries before so this is kind of a first for me. It would be very much so appreciated if someone showed me around. ^_^