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  1. Cam

    Being stuck in a pickle

    So I met this guy a couple weeks ago, via the internet. We have alot of mutual interests, he's pretty cute, and we live very close to each other. So a couple days ago, we briefly agreed on meeting in Boston for a day. I told him I would meet him probably around 1. But now the thing is, its...
  2. Cam

    God damn virus

    Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity FUCK My computer got a very odd virus. I honestly dont know how I got it, but my only lead is that my e-mail got spammed out about 2 weeks ago. But anyways, this virus likes to open up a boatload of blank windows, and then wont let me click on anything until it...
  3. Cam

    God damnit game 7

    God damnit, I just love being stuck at game 7! Im talking about the Boston Bruins hockey game against Montreal. I fucking love watching major sports playoff games, and game 7 is always the most nerve racking. Fuck fuck fuck, its 2-2 now :C What the fuck is this. Im thankful for the awesome...
  4. Cam

    MTV is coming to my school

    And there are now posters flooding the fuck out of the hallways. Apparently, MTV's "Made" is hosting auditions at 5 local schools, and mine is currently included as one of them. For anyone who hasnt seen the show, they take one teenager (normally one of the outcasts of the school) and turn them...
  5. Cam

    New home studio

    So over christmas, my manager decided she wants me to be able to make more music. She said she loves my creativity, and lack of being able to come into the studio often isn't good for someone like me. So she went all "totally awesome and badass" mode, and got me a home studio set up for...
  6. Cam

    Im gonna be a dad

    But only not really. My friend is about what we believe is 2 months pregnant. Although she hasnt gotten any official testing done or anything, she has every single symptom there is (throwing up, cravings, large breasts, the whole kit and kaboodle) Shes been scared shitless because she hasnt...
  7. Cam

    The clinic

    So i'm trying to figure alot of shit. I've been noticing over the past like maybe 5 weeks that I have been losing my ability to maintain my emotions, but now its getting to a very serious point. Im slowly growing more suicidal everyday. But the only issue is... I have no idea what the fuck to...
  8. Cam

    90's camcorders

    I love these fuckers. They bring the most perfect amateur-filmed quality. So clear and fluent. I just found my moms old Panasonic camcorder. I wanna test it out so badly, but the battery & charger are missing. Once I buy those online i'm gonna have this kickass camera to use. And once I figure...
  9. Cam

    Well fuck you too, laptop mouse

    So for some...totally random ass reason, the whole right side of my laptop left-click button wont work:o. Which is a pain in the ass, because its easiest to move the pointer and click in the top right corner of the button, which means I now gotta stretch my fingers to be able to do both. I...
  10. Cam

    Being retarded <3

    Me and a couple friends used to host a webshow we used to call Jackass Revival... just a bunch of dumb teens doing stupid stuff and throwing it on youtube. We havent been doing any for a while but we wanna start it up again, since its been a couple years since we last filmed, so we could have...
  11. Cam

    My mom has found a way to communicate with me

    I am totally convinced something is up Ever since my mom died I have been having nightmares every single night... But the most common one is me in my old living room. It must be at about 2 in the morning, because its dark and no lights are on, but the moonlight is just leaking into the room...
  12. Cam

    Why im not allowed to be bore

    This is what happens when I have a camera and nothing to do I have no idea if this can be viewed if your not my friend on facebook, but hopefully things work out My finger still hurts :'( We got the ingenious idea to film stupid shit we do around the house... and then of course I realized...
  13. Cam


    So after 6 months of battling liver failure, escaping death 2 times, and losing all mental consciousness for 2 weeks, my mother has passed away early this morning. So after a hard day of thinking, experiencing high and numb emotions, I have decided that I am going to be reading the eulogy for...
  14. Cam

    God damn producers/ engineers

    So, I created a new demo for my first album that my label is having me work on.. A couple months ago, I created what was going to be the lead single of the album This is what I had in mind what the song would sound like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ2qa_BntK8&feature=channel I was totally...
  15. Cam


    Im just really excited because im seeing Green day front row in a week!! Im just curious to see who loves going to concerts? What shows have you been to? Share your concert expiriences!