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  1. Furryjones

    Feral Wolf 3D comic/ Auction for Character Spots/ $15 minimum bid/ All welcome :3

    http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5211036/ There is more info on my journal, but simply put I am having an auction for a comic based in Canada's frozen north. The comic itself is an original concept and design of mine, and I'm letting people get into the action starting with an Auction...
  2. Furryjones

    3D model auction YCH

    http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4799311/ Doing a little auction to not only practice my modelling and animating prowess but to make a little cash on the side. Anyone is free to enter and I care not what your character is if you win, I'll make it happen ;)
  3. Furryjones

    Spreading a new species around.

    Hi there, Furryjones here. As a writer i'm constantly coming up with new creatures and races to populate my stories with, and about a week ago I created the Praeom (Pray-om) specifically in mind for fellow furries that wanted something different. I spent about 12 hours creating the first drawing...
  4. Furryjones

    Jytin Fin Jonus

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9390649/ This is my fursona Jytin Fin Jonus. Physical Stats Age - 7 years (Chai planetary rotation is 1.3 times longer than earth's. This makes him about 8 years by earth standards.) Eye Colour - Gold (Although this changes colour depending on mood) Height- 8' 4"...
  5. Furryjones

    Praeom Art Contest

    I'm just starting out as a furry artist and recently created a new race known as the Praeom (Pray-om) and to help build support for them I'm having a contest. Please feel free to follow the directions and enter! http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4068096/
  6. Furryjones

    Just Curious to custom species fursuits

    Just curious if there are any fursuit makers out there that would attempt to design my species, the Praeom (Pray-om), and make it into a functioning fursuit, but i would only have the head, feet, arms and tail. Not looking for a full suit. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9321709/
  7. Furryjones

    The Praeom

    Hello everyone Furryjones here. I have crafted a new race from the depths of my mind with help from a couple people and they are named the Praeom. Details can be found on my page on the following links. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9321878/ is a detailed description of the base form of...
  8. Furryjones

    Introducing the Squiodn

    The squiodn are peaceful inhabitants of the isles of Ai in the eastern sea of Reath. Their kind was not discovered until the age of expansion when draug merchant ships happened upon the chain of islands. Hoping to find precious minerals and rare artifacts from the ancients they instead stumbled...
  9. Furryjones

    New species!

    I`ve come up with a new species, they`re basically a anthropomorphized squid. I call them the squiodn. They live on the isles of Ai in the world of reath. I`ll post a picture of one as soon as I can get it drawn, perhaps tomorrow I`ll get it done. I have their whole backstory and history in my...
  10. Furryjones

    Cons or groups in central alberta

    Are there any furries in central alberta that have a group or con I can attend? Seems to me that most of the cons require a plane ticket for me to attend :( If anyone out there is from Red Deer area or whatever give me a shout!
  11. Furryjones

    Self promotion

    I have a question, would it be wrong of me to advertise my book on this forum?
  12. Furryjones

    Shadow people, have you seen them or know what they mean?

    I've been seeing these shadow people for several years now, I've looked all over the internet to see what they are all about but have found nothing of value to me. Usually when I see them they are following closely behind another person, sometimes just one and on one circumstance five were...
  13. Furryjones

    How do you combat writers block?

    I'm a writer and this happens to me alot. Usually I just turn on the xbox for an hour or so and I get back into my flow, but lately I've had a block lasting weeks. If anyone has an idea on how to combat this problem let me know how the other writers in this forum get past this hurdle.
  14. Furryjones

    If anthros existed in real life, would you date one?

    Hey this is my first thread so bear with me lol. As for the question the answer for me is yes. I would proudly date an anthro regardless of what other people would think.
  15. Furryjones

    Hey there, First time forum poster, long time furry fan.

    Hi the name is Justin, I'm a traditional artist and writer with a published book. I've been a fan of furries since the original HTH. I don't currently have a fursona so don't ask me unless you have some suggestions of what might be a good one for me. Feel free to ask me anything.