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  1. InvaderPichu

    Need $400 fast, selling cheap commissions

    I need to make $400 quick before this month is over. My roommates and I are short $400 for rent, and if we don't have it by the end of the month, we'll be homeless. So yeah, need money fast. Sketches are $3. Example: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6005987/ (NSFW) Lineart is $6...
  2. InvaderPichu

    I'm taking commissions! (mostly anything you want!)

    I'm a bit low on money so I'm taking commissions. I draw all sorts of things, anthro, feral, vore, gore, most things are a-o-k with me! Only things I can think of that I don't draw are scat, vomit, infantalism, and, obviously, hate art. ANYWAY, the prices: Sketches are $3. Example...
  3. InvaderPichu

    Bestiality and Fur Affinity

    Not really. Plenty of people who fantasize about horrible acts don't actually want to do those horrible acts outside of fantasy, because they are well aware of the consequences of acting out their fantasies. There is a huge difference between what goes on in our imaginations and what goes on in...
  4. InvaderPichu

    Bestiality and Fur Affinity

    I'm sure a lot of normal people assume that anyway even without the help of people who openly admit to fucking their animals. D:
  5. InvaderPichu

    Bestiality and Fur Affinity

    I really don't think you should use the term "rapist" so lightly. I think that's rather insulting to people who have actually been raped. :\ And yeah, someone who forces an animal into sex is certainly a rapist, no arguments from me. But fantasizing about it? Where is the harm?
  6. InvaderPichu


  7. InvaderPichu

    Last movie you've seen?

    Let The Right One In.
  8. InvaderPichu

    A thanksgiving message

    I actually do not see much differece between the banner and those comics. You're just trying to find things to piss and moan about. As it's been said dozens of times already, use adblock, ignore it, and move on with your life. It's not that hard, trust me. I've done it with other banners in the...
  9. InvaderPichu

    A thanksgiving message

    Apparently, Trpdwarf, you missed my second to last post on page 2. (the one with the links) Also this website is not a democracy.
  10. InvaderPichu

    A thanksgiving message

    I love you Mr DramaLama. <3
  11. InvaderPichu

    A thanksgiving message

    Lovecube, and other people baaawwing over the banner: http://forums.furaffinity.net/showpost.php?p=722064&postcount=107 http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a294/Alterdeus/cp35965641015c4b6f677d501ed7e40e24.gif Like I said, only those complaining about the banner are putting sexual...
  12. InvaderPichu

    A thanksgiving message

    If it were a banner that lasts all month long I miiiiiiiiight understand where you are coming from but...this is only for today. And many people thought the banner was funny, or just didn't give a rat's ass about it. So far, the only people I've seen put sexual undertones to the image are those...
  13. InvaderPichu

    A thanksgiving message

    It's a banner that'll only last one day, yet people are still complaining about it and demanding it be taken down. I consider that bawwwing. All the other banners that people haven't liked, for whatever reason, stayed on the site, and people were told to adblock those. I just don't see why...
  14. InvaderPichu

    A thanksgiving message

    It wasn't an adult banner, and there never will be an adult banner on this site. It had fat furry characters. Quit your damn bawwwwing and go eat some turkey or something.
  15. InvaderPichu

    A thanksgiving message

    Furries love to complain, yes.
  16. InvaderPichu

    A thanksgiving message

  17. InvaderPichu

    WolfQuest (Online Wolf RPG?)

    Thing is too much of a piece of shit for me to fool with it. Maybe when they fix all the bugs and stuff, I'll play it again. Seemed like a cute game...
  18. InvaderPichu

    The 'N' word

    I agree with this comment.
  19. InvaderPichu

    Do you classify yourself as a "FURRY?!?!"

    I consider myself a furry, but my entire existence doesn't revolve around the fandom. I like: ~anthropomorphic animal characters ~furry art ~drawing furry art ~the porn ~catroon/moives/video games/comics with "furry" characters in them
  20. InvaderPichu

    Your Favorite anime.

    ~One Piece ~Rozen Maiden ~Death Note ~Silver Fang ~Weed ~FLCL ~Lovely Complex ~Princess Tutu ~Eureka 7 ~Trigun ~Fruits Basket ~FMA ~Wolf's Rain ~Blood: The Last Vampire ~The Cat Returns ~.hack/SIGN ~Bagi the Monster of Mighty Nature ~Bleach ~Naruto (lol) ~Hamtaro (lol)...