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  1. lemonadevik

    How I convince my parents to buy a fursuit ?

    Just to echo what others have said you don't need a fursuit. Fursuits are a luxury. Worry about the roof over your head, your car insurance, your education, all the stuff needed to survive day to day in this society before thinking of getting a fursuit. If your "only dream" is to have a fursuit...
  2. lemonadevik

    Why is modern music like farting with a mixture of Arabic, Indian and English?

    Damn, I do not like the energy this post has made in the studio today lmao. Sorry you don't like modern music but like all of music throughout time there are hundreds of genres with millions of musicians. Just because you have a certain taste doesn't mean you have to insult everything else. Yeah...
  3. lemonadevik

    Why did you choose your fursona?

    I like hyenas and I like snow leopards and I put them together and added demon horns.
  4. lemonadevik

    Worst Con Experience?

    I went to my first furry con when I was fourteen and I was hit on by a 21+ year old (con badge has a white stripe if over 21). Other than that I've always had fun at cons. Well...2018 Megaplex I was supposed to be in floor wars but sprained hurt-hurt my ankle a few days prior to the con so that...
  5. lemonadevik

    Online Furry Conventions

    If its like live streams and stuff the con can make a Youtube channel and the panelists/vendors can stream through the channel? That way a lot more people can watch. Or if vendors/panelists stream from individual channels but there's a link hub on the con's website.
  6. lemonadevik

    If you were the size of your species..

    My fursona is a Hyena/snow leopard hybrid and I'm assuming like anthro tall not four legs tall so seven feet time :D
  7. lemonadevik

    What would you be doing today If Covid hadn't happened??

    Probably exactly what I am going now without as much depression and working on my fursuit for Megaplex but it got canceled so I'm procrastinating on it
  8. lemonadevik

    Edgy Furry Club

    Look if it would get me prayed over at my old church it's edgy for me
  9. lemonadevik

    Simulated Reality Question

    Yes so I can have a dad
  10. lemonadevik

    Edgy Furry Club

    Hi, I like post-hardcore, emo rap, power metal, and a good slow burn fanfiction if that makes me edgy. Also, I have blue hair currently.
  11. lemonadevik

    Bootleg Restaurants

    Me: *coming to this thread for joke restaurants like femboy hooters* Me: Oooooh, bootleg restaurants But seriously this is probably my favorite from my brief google search
  12. lemonadevik

    RANT: Stop oversexualizing your fursonas; treat them like characters.

    I think a main thing forgotten in this post is that for a lot of furries their fursona is THEM. A fursona isn't just a character they've written into a story but is actually them just in a different body. It's also very well known that a good handful of furries have issues with self-confidence...
  13. lemonadevik

    Your fictional character crush

    If you didn't come out of the Sonic Movie simping Robotnik did you even watch the movie??? Also Dabi from BNHA he's hot too
  14. lemonadevik

    Being single

    Single and lonely so like hmu I guess lmao. I've had a couple of serious relationships but nothing recent.
  15. lemonadevik

    How many trans furries are on the forum

    AFAB Non-binary but masculine leaning enough to call myself FtM if needed
  16. lemonadevik

    AI-generated fursonnas/furry art

    (But honestly a lot of these give good ideas for a new character/fursona. Obviously donut steel but there's some good ideas.)
  17. lemonadevik

    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    12-ish I believe
  18. lemonadevik

    Wassuh Dudes

    I'm a fiction addict tbh. I really can't stand non-fiction unless it's something I'm interested in. I like writing short stories and other fiction- fantasy mainly because DnD- but if you give me free rein I could write you a seven-page research paper with fifteen sources so. Poetry is okay but...
  19. lemonadevik

    Wassuh Dudes

  20. lemonadevik

    Unpopular opinions?

    If someone wants to go into a certain trade they should be able to take classes on that over general academics. If someone knows they want to go into engineering they should have classes that would allow them to specialize in mathematics and science over ELA and history. While all classes are...