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  1. DexinHeart

    Does the perfect mate exist?

    1. Why am I quoted? I wasn't speaking to you nor did you really respond to anything I said?? and 2. Maybe your ex got a replacement for you because your arrogant and totally cynical about life. I mean I almost asked you out. All that stuff about not being an alpha male type and trying to...
  2. DexinHeart

    Let someone interpret your dreams

    So I always have either nightmares or really cryptic weird dreams about rl. For an example of the weird cryptic ones here is the one I had last night: My parents and I went to this house were this lady lived. She had five sons, but two of them were trans guys. My parents and Aunt (who appeared...
  3. DexinHeart

    Does the perfect mate exist?

    Well since perfection doesn't exist in any human being, technically no. Now finding someone you click with and that you work exceptionally well in a relationship with... Yeah, it's rare, but totally possible. You just have to work extra hard to find them :/
  4. DexinHeart

    What's your dream job?

    I'd love to be a full time sculptor. Whether I'm modeling with sculpy or throwing pottery on a wheel, sculpting things creates a state of total Zen for me. I can't explain it, I just zone out into this place of peace and tranquility. If I could get payed to do that all day, I'd totally jump at...
  5. DexinHeart

    Usernames that you wish you had?

    I went with my username I have because I couldn't decide at the time between the two names... and I also think Nuperjo was unavailable (weirdly)... but now I wish I had gone with something else, like maybe Starlight or Saphirra... My user was Saphirra on another website I use to frequent and I...
  6. DexinHeart

    Share your fursona!

    I'm glad you like it ^_^ Yeah I think I get what you're saying, kind of more like a sock puppet where the ears are just the shape but not defined in any way... oh well, I'm sure your drawing will be cool when you get it done. Please send me a link so I can see the finished product haha I'd love...
  7. DexinHeart

    Share your fursona!

    How does this look?
  8. DexinHeart

    Share your fursona!

    Actually I wasn't talking about Disney. I was thinking more along the liens of Animaniacs, something like this except for a guy... so kind of similar ^_^
  9. DexinHeart

    Share your fursona!

    Mind if I give drawing him a try? Not sure how well I'll do, but I think I get what your going for ^_^ And the design is just to much, I can't resits it. I have a soft spot for old fashion cartoon style characters XD
  10. DexinHeart

    If you could have any pet...

    Realistic Pet wise, I'd want a Fox. Fantasy Pet wise, I'd want a pet Dinosaur XD
  11. DexinHeart

    How did you pick your fursona species?

    I'm open for commissions and have some experience drawing goats cause mine is part mountain goat. Were you thinking about getting a full ref sheet or just a good picture of it? I do commissions for both ^_^
  12. DexinHeart

    Some input about Adoptables...?

    Thanks for the input. Yeah I actually had a friend tell me something similar, about being off balance looking. I'll definitely take your advice and look up some anatomy stuff for my next redesign of them ^_^ thanks again.
  13. DexinHeart

    Tails In Public

    I wish I had a tail to wear about, but I don't :| Would make one but I don't have any yarn either... is a bummer.
  14. DexinHeart

    Conflict @_@

    That's epic :) I really like your characters powers.
  15. DexinHeart

    Some input about Adoptables...?

    Thanks for the advice ^_^ I guess they are kind of standing in a weird position. They are technically a dinosaur with fur and walk like raptors did. But it apparently doesn't convey that the way I have them drawn now :/
  16. DexinHeart

    Conflict @_@

    Oh, okay. I was like what's he talking about LOL Yeah that is an impressive list there dude :) I don't usually have that many for one single character... well except for maybe Alex if magic counts. Alex is an OC of mine that is half sea-witch. So he's got the whole turning into a mer-squid...
  17. DexinHeart

    Conflict @_@

  18. DexinHeart

    Conflict @_@

    Yeah, but I'm lazy and haven't had time to look for a good adventure rp recently. Been having to work a lot and then when I get free time I just want to play mindless video games and sleep :/
  19. DexinHeart

    Am i good enough to do commisions?

    Also if you give them away free it's not called a commission, it's called a request ^_^
  20. DexinHeart

    Finding a name for my new Tea loving fursona!

    Hmm... a few names that come to mind just from the description you gave; Skyler (just cause he reminds me of this guy I know named that) Hunter (for the green thing) Cam (as in Camilla tea) Tyler (idk why it just came to mind) and Rascal (sounds like a skateboarders name... IDK)