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  1. TechCat

    Open, if inexperienced

    Wanted to break into the commission audience, I think my prices will be pretty low until I get some responses over my accuracy and skill. My FA commission page has a loose guideline, but I'm cool with swinging around prices and trying different styles and such. Icons? Something under five...
  2. TechCat

    Throw some requests at me plzkthx

    Throw some (BADGE) requests at me plzkthx The list of things I have to do art-wise feels too short. Experience in badges is what I need, so throw 'em at me! D:< Show your character, say what kind of badge (default is just a bust), and I'll reply. (If I don't, poke me at FA XD) Currently...
  3. TechCat


    Faux-Commish'n (Requests plz) YO. Alright, got my tablet, now I can take on art business without having to ship stuff. But lo! Not very much I have to show for references... Care to help build a portfolio? Just go through the same systems of asking for commissions, but I'm not pulling...
  4. TechCat

    Practices for commissions, requests?

    Not really sure how the whole commission/auction process rolls. If someone could explain a bit, that'd be dandy. From what I can tell, it is similar to a request: buyer contacting artist, artist negotiates prices, artist makes picture... Then there's the difference of digital media and...