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  1. Yautjapet

    Bank overdraft fees

    Cheap digital art! I'll be doing them on tegaki-e so they will have a set size already. You're choices are as follows: $1 plain lineart $3 colored image $4 elaborate image add $1 for every bonus lineart character add $2 for every bonus colored character Can only accept paypal, please send...
  2. Yautjapet

    This week only! $1-$5

    So, lets try this tactic. I'm lowering my prices for this week only. What can you get? Here's a list and pricing: $1-$2 sketches/inked full body images 1 2 3 $3-$5 Watercolor full body images 1 2 3 $3-$5 Color pencil full body images 1 2 3 Extra characters? Just add $1! Taking paypal or...
  3. Yautjapet

    Art slave?

    I'm seeing an uprising in this sort of thing and it seems to be quite effective. So since I'm hurting for cash and I've got tons of time, I'm opening myself up to be YOUR art slave for a month! I'm really hurting for money, for rent, for food, for art materials. I take paypal or well hidden...
  4. Yautjapet

    Would this be considered rude?

    So yesterday I was sitting on the sofa watching Law and Order with my landlady. When a commercial for Hereos came on. Which was showing clips of Sylar and Claire hangin out. All of a sudden, to my displeasure, Sylar leans down and appears to kiss Claire. Now I haven't seen a single episode...
  5. Yautjapet

    Lets do this!

    Naw seriously let's do a trade. I'm itching for commissions but no one is biting. And I'm also itching for art of my newest character Mema and a few others. So I'm making a new thread just for it. I'll draw you something (if you're not specific I'll do whatever I please with it) and you'll...
  6. Yautjapet

    I have a challenge for you

    I'm fleshing out a new character that I want to make into a costume for faire. Here's a little info on my motivation: I'm part of a fae guild called Willow Glen. So far I've been running around as a Kender, which is less a fairy and more an elf. So I've been coming up with a few possible...
  7. Yautjapet


    Yes, lately I've been feeling creepier and creepier. Mainly because I can't stop thinking about someone I've barely met. I go to faire and there's a guild there called The Wilds. They're sort of traveling bandits/assasins, often mistaken for barbarians. Always seen painted head to toe in black...
  8. Yautjapet

    Irrational cravings at a ridiculous hour

    Indeed, I'm gearing up to put some pants on and walk across the street just for some damn ice cream. Let it be known that its not only 3am, but its also raining. I want that fucking ice cream. Have you ever done something random/impulsive like that? At a ridiculous hour to boot...
  9. Yautjapet

    Taking and recieving

    I'd like to get art but most people take art. <3 I love you all but I want art. In fact I'd really like art of her or him. But I'm also giving art. But only a few slots. So...yeah. Let the posting begin.
  10. Yautjapet

    How does one stop being scared?

    Erm, I'd say I'm already a paranoid person who's easily scared. But after watching all the Marble Hornet video entries three days ago, I'm still too scared to sleep without a light on. I know its a made-up myth but I'm stuck with the mindset that if enough people believe something's...
  11. Yautjapet

    Get your art here~

    Cheap sketches and watercolors! URGENT: Need to raise $100 for rent! Anything helps, also taking donations. Taking paypal and well hidden money only, send payment to grogs_ducky@yahoo.com <3 Here's what I'm offering: 1) $2 pencil sketches X x 2) $4 inked X 3) $10 watercolored half bodyX...
  12. Yautjapet

    Need a quote

    Lately I've been really really wanting to get started on a short film featuring one of my monsters. Buuuut since I'm terrible at sewing and whatnot, I haven't been able to get to work on my monster. I'm wondering if there's anyone who'd be willing to give me a quote on how much the head/mane...
  13. Yautjapet

    Please and Thank you?

    Hrm, yeah I'm sick and tired of my bad quality scan of a drawing of mine. So since I've been doing a bunch of freebies, I kinda got the idea that I could ask for a freebie in return? Or maybe a trade? I'd really like an animated one if at all possible. Of this guy...
  14. Yautjapet

    Need art? Limited offer

    DONE AND DONE Finished most everyone's image, only problem is I don't have a scanner. *headdesk* So I uploaded pics of the drawings with my phone. Sad but needed. Proof that I did indeed work on these requests. I'm not all the way done, but I hope you all will be patient while I try to finish...
  15. Yautjapet

    Gillman in exchange for your requests?

    Hrm, well I'm a huge fan of the Creature From The Black Lagoon and I'd really like to see some art of gillman with my zombie-lady. (zombie lady seen here~~>http://yautjapet1313.deviantart.com/art/My-BJD-plans-95610788 ) Here's my FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/yautjapet/ My only 'no-go'...
  16. Yautjapet

    applying to a job

    Erm yes, I know most of you will be all "oh boo-hoo this isn't LJ", but I'm actually asking for advice/help. I've never worked more than a few days at an actual work place, and that was just for a friend's mum. And tomorrow I'm going to the Halloween Superstore near me since it was announced...
  17. Yautjapet

    Furry discussion with non-furry friends

    I was hanging out with a few old friends from before I moved farther south in San Diego and somehow we got to the topic of furries. Here's how it went down. Basically we were first talking about TV shows and somehow CSI was mentioned. Which obiviously since I usually talk about...
  18. Yautjapet

    Erm Hi?

    Er yeah. I'm Yautjapet, s'been my handle for many a year now. Been meaing to find a new one but never found one that fit. Anyhow, I'm new (obviously X3) and I'm...not really sure what else to say. Questions? Go ahead, I may be shy but I'm tend to blather on quite easily when prompted. <3 So...