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  1. AniyaSliverwood

    Kick'n it old sckool

    alright everyone, let's see what you can come up with. T.V. shows, movies, toys, books, whatever What old skool stuff you can remember. Even stuff that others don't know still put it. 1.) The original rainbow bright 2.) noozels (the koala show no one probably know it) 3.) David the knom 4.)...
  2. AniyaSliverwood


    What sport, What team, and Why, I figure I'm a girl and love sports and most, from what I've seen on here are guys, and I don't see any sports section. I'm a Football fan myself, N.Y. Giants all the way, Jet's ehh their ok, Cowboys... awesome cheerleaders, and more. And for those of you who...
  3. AniyaSliverwood

    Hello all newbie here lol

    Hello all, I'm new to the furry world and would love to meet new furs, As far as what creature I am I figure i am a shape shifter, cat,wolf, and fox, yet all of which are Black. My name is Aniya Silverwood and I look froward to meeting all of you, from what I've been told is that everyone here...